Friday, April 19, 2024

FCCO Trip on Half Decent Day

 Yesterday, early morning, I headed to FCCO with ten cats from the Scravel colony.   I don't get any records with the FCCO.  They are sent by email to the colony caretaker.   There were four who were not orange tabby and whites.  Of those four, I know three are girls, the dilute torbi, dilute torti and the classic torti.   Many maybe all of the orange and whites also are girls, but I don't know for sure how many of those six were girls or boys.

Muted torbi

Muted torti

Gray tabby

Bad photo of the classic torti

I don't like wearing long pants or shoes, especially if it might be nice.  So I wore peddle pushers, as we used to call them.  Now they're not called that.  I wore sandals with socks, something we get kidded about doing in Oregon.  But I intended to take the socks off later, when it got warm.  It was cold yesterday morning, down to freezing in the night.  I thought later, after I dropped off the cats, and had to put on a coat, what an idiot I was, to wear warm weather clothing.

After I got to the clinic and dropped off the ten cats, I went to Winco and got a salad and sandwich, for lunch/breakfast.   They're really affordable there.  Makes for an affordable way to "eat out" while on the road.

Then I just drove back to the rest area, where I ate and then read a book then climbed into the back of my car for a nap.  Problem was, in my rush out that morning, I forgot to put in my sleeping blankets and pillow.  Shoot.

But I was so sleepy I decided to just stretch out in the back on the plywood board.   The plywood board lays over the laid down backseat and the entire back of the car behind the two front seats.  I have it a plastic black floor mat atop the board.   This protects it a little when I carry cats, although I add pee pads under the cats too.   

I had no pillow so I wadded up newspapers I had, for lining traps, and stuck them inside a reusable grocery bag, to create a pillow.   Strangely, I ended up sleeping nearly three hours.  At first I found it hard to get comfortable on the hard surface, but that didn't seem to matter much.  I fell asleep anyhow.

I woke up with an hour left before I needed to pick up the cats.  Perfect.

I picked the cats up and endured some rush hour congestion, not as much as usual however, then, once back near my town, I returned the cats to their caretakers, who said they could overnight recuperate them.   This made me happy, to not have to set them up at home another night.   

Here's a boring dash cam congestion traffic video from yesterday although I didn't turn it on til already through the worst of it.

Got home, kicked back, went to bed early.   So not a bad trip with cats, didn't have to do any of the trapping either.  Just loaned out my traps, then overnighted the cats here prior to surgery, drove them up and back.

Today's our second day of sunshine, so I hope to enjoy it, before it may rain again over the weekend.   We'll be back in the mid to low 60's for days but today it could get to 70, so need to take advantage of a sunny day.

I returned Tumilo to the Sweet Home colony Wednesday.   For some reason, it took me most of the day to get up there then back home.   Well I stopped a few places on the way back.


  1. Glad you had a successful day. I remember pedal pushers from when I was a kid. Not sure where the name came from. The pants were short enough that they didn't get caught on bike pedals?

    1. I looked it up, for fun, and pedal pusher designation comes because they come to just above calf height and were popular with cyclists, at that length, because longer pants get caught in the chain. I also read pants that come just to the knee are termed clam diggers.

  2. How nice to read of a 'good day'. For you and the cats - though they may not agree. I hope your sunshine continues.

    1. I'm not sure the forecast for rest of week.

  3. Your were in the wrong lane, with other vehicles passing you on both sides but then suddenly they all stop and you move forward and past them. Such are freeways here and clearly yours too. Free way! What a joke.
    Well done on ten cats fixed.

    1. I used to take the far left lane, like you're supposed to, in a three lane highway, for through traffic. Then I was astounded to see, in congestion, that the far right lane, where cars merging in and leaving the freeway, often was faster. So I try different lanes, but in the end, it all comes out about the same. Yeah right, freeway! Ha. More like the dead zone.

  4. So nice to have help. It sounds like a nice day, even if you did have an uncomfortable nap.

  5. I agree with you and Andrew about 'freeways'. Some areas here in Ohio are safer than others. Good job on these rescues. Hugs, my dear.

    1. No kidding on "freeways". I call them the dead zones. Fits better.


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