Wednesday, September 28, 2016

16 More Linn County Cats Fixed and a Kind Soul Faces Cancer

First off, I'd like to point out the fund raiser on the top right sidebar of the blog.  Not for an animal in need this time, but for a friend.  I've never met her, but  a few years ago she contacted me wanting advice about how to help some cats she had encountered and we became online friends.  She has fought many battles, many to save animals in trouble in Nebraska.  Her beloved dog died so she rescued another this summer and then cancer struck her.    The new dog had already stretched her tiny budget with vet bills.  And now cancer, and with it, more bills because her medicare doesn't pay for everything, only 80%.   So how about this time, we give to help a kind heart who has given so much of herself to others.   She needs it!

Yes, I'm still at it and yesterday was no exception.

India's remaining kittens went to Animal Rescue and Care Fund Sunday, along with a fifth, a darling lone orange kitten, the sole surviving kitten at a Sweet Home colony I trapped Sunday morning.

It was not like they were difficult to trap.   I drop trapped nine of the ten starving kitties in one drop of the drop trap.  NINE!!!  That left a lone torti who quickly obliged by entering a set trap.   I never had it so easy trapping a colony.

Monday, still caring for the ten extras, two of whom I stupidly had put in my bathroom, thinking they would be more comfortable but they cried all night, I took Stewart, another tent camper cat at the county park, to Heartland, to be fixed, and also relinquished to them Bootsy's brood of six.  Later, I returned Bootsy to the park, when I took Stewart back and at the same time, picked up Gracie, the last known unfixed female in the park.  The camp host cares for her litter as had Gracie, in her RV.  If they're all her litter.  No one knows whose litter, or litters they really are.


Stewart, a tent campers' cat, but he was born in the park
Gracie, a brown tabby tux female and last known unfixed female in the park.  I could be wrong!  She was fixed yesterday up in Portland at the FCCO along with 15 other Linn County cats.
Over the weekend, I also helped trap at the highway 34 location.  We caught 3 on Saturday.  On Sunday, I could not help, being too busy, but the former renter there caught two more.  Five in all.  Seven from there already went to be fixed at the FCCO then on to Meow Village, for new homes.  These five, four girls and a boy, will wait in Brownsville until Meow Village has a place.

Some of these groups are fabulous, such hard working people, like Meow Village, like Animal Rescue and Care Fund, to name only two.  Volunteers all!

Here are the latest Tangent five to be fixed and now awaiting placement:

The only boy of the crowd of five, and just a kitten

These are the ten from Sweet Home.

Flame point male fixed yesterday

Someone fell in love with this little guy, so caretakers gladly relinquished. 

Little sad black male kitten

Black male teen also fixed yesterday.  There were four boys among the ten.
Of the six girls, Animal Rescue and Care Fund took in one young super tame torti, to give her a chance at a better life.  I didn't get a photo of her.

There were 3 other torti's in the mix, all now fixed.

And two more Siamese, both girls, one an adult short hair torti point Siamese, and the other a long hair torti point teen.

Well, that was my day, and a very busy last 3 days, or more.  I will take a short break from all this, after returning cats today.

People, give me a break, fix your kitties!


  1. And best wishes to your friend for a good outcome to her health problems.

    1. Not sure what is going on with her now, she's in the hospital in Denver, on oxygen, with cellulitis, possibly after a previous surgery related to the cancer. I don't know for sure how she is doing.

  2. Very best wishes to your friend.
    And thank you for all you do.

  3. My heart goes out to these little babies. And to you. Thank you for all that you do. You are making a difference in each one of these lives, and in the world. thank you. Hugs.

  4. Thank you... again and again and again.

  5. Bless you! And best wishes to Joy. It's kind of you to share her story. If those of us more fortunate would chip in the price of a Starbuck's coffee for a day or three we could really make a difference for her.

    1. I hope she is going to be ok.