Friday, September 30, 2016

Another Siamese

I returned the cats Wednesday to the Sweet Home colony.

But when I arrived the colony caretaker was trying to set a trap with a big Siamese male circling from afar.  He was hungry.

 I quickly went to set the trap, plus another, and quickly caught him, before releasing the other 8 who were returning there (two others did not return, one went to a home, the other to a rescue).

So I had a big guy and nowhere to get him fixed.   Until that is another trapper gave up one of her reservations today, for me to use for him, up in Salem.
Sashi, a big chocolate point Siamese male, is being fixed today.
While returning the Sweet Home cats, I gave them two bags of cat food, to aid in feeding the remaining cats.

Sashi will go home tomorrow.

That's 12 cats in all helped there.  The ten fixed Tuesday, plus Sashi, plus the little tiny orange tabby kitten they handed over, and who was taken in by Animal Rescue and Care Fund.


  1. Sashi looks huge. And yay for less Siamese kittens on the street.

    1. He is large and angry and we sure do not need more little feral Siamese kittens running around.

  2. I would need sophisticated software to keep track of who needs to go where next. You amaze me. Good job once again!

    1. Ha, me too, but my brain still so far is pretty darn good at computing cats and storing cat memory!