Sunday, September 25, 2016

Kittens, Kittens

The two girls from the county park were fixed Thursday.  Both were lactating. I had drop trapped India's six kittens.  But Bootsy's kittens?  The camp host figured they had died or were eaten by an animal or killed by the many dogs who free roam with their owners there.

But, I got a call Thursday evening, that the camp host had found two of Bootsy's kittens under his trailer. I rushed up and got them..  One girl, one boy, loud, cold and hungry.   I had KMR and put them in with mom after feeding them.

Next day, however, Friday, with India still here, fattening up some, and Bootsy caring for two, I got another call from the camp host.  They'd found two more.  By the time I got up there, that number had increased to four!  Six kittens Bootsy?  Really?

They're so darn cute and right on the brink of weaning.  So they're all in with mom, and I supplemental feed.  They still like sucking down the KMR, nursing on mom some, although she's less and less interested and now, slurping wet food mixed in warm water.

Four girls and two boys!

Heartland is taking all six this coming week!  Yay!

Wolf and his mom

Wolf and Flower

Sugar, one of the first two found, along with Choco, her brother.

Flower again! 

Missy Priss
India is going home today to the park.   Her gang of little heathens are in the bathroom, six of them, including 3 Siamese!  Two of the Siamese were picked up last night, one girl, one boy, and headed north to Lake Oswego, where a friend is taming them down and she will get them homes. 

I had to move Loo and River, also from the county park, to the living room foster cage.  They had been in the bathroom, but were outraged, being proper kittens now, by the little heathens, fresh out of the jungle, sharing their space.

The other four little heathens are headed to Animal Rescue and Care fund soon, maybe as soon as today.
Two of India's Siamese, a boy and a girl, now in Lake O, in foster there.  Not bad, eh?  From the berry patch of a county park to Lake Oswego?

Little Heathen Gray tabbies

Animal Rescue and Care fund has been so helpful with the Waterloo kitten mobs.  They already took in 3 wild things, who quickly tamed, a tame teen, 5 other brown tabby kittens found under a porch in the residential side, and also Hoot and Holler.  Now they'll take in four of India's kittens.  

You should meet Filbert, one of the wild 3 they first took in.  He loves everyone now and is waiting on a home.

Meanwhile, Abbot and Costello, two brown tabby teen brothers, await a home together with Felines First.  They too are Waterloo kittens.

Meanwhile, Filbert's sibling is still up there, and I will catch him, maybe tomorrow.   There are still two other female's litters left to find, too.  At least the moms are fixed.

Fix your pets people!  Please!

Yes, I am having fun with kittens!


  1. Cuteness overload!

  2. Awww.
    I mostly prefer cats to kittens. These are cute though. Very, very cute. With a better life ahead.

    1. Yes, better lives for all 12, Bootsy's and India's.

  3. They are lovely looking kittens and look quite healthy too. They have a good mum.

    1. Bootsy is a great mom. India was too skinny herself to keep her kittens healthy, but she sure did her best and now they are safe and she is fixed.

  4. Yes, please fix your animals, people!! Of course, whoever is reading here already knows that.

    I was looking at the kittens and the names you gave them. They all seem to really fit except Wolf. He's too cute for that name now. I think he'll have to grow into it. :)

  5. Yes, please, people fix your pets. And take of the adults! My own brother has some suspected less-than-well animal treatment I've noticed from afar. At least things have been great for his two current cats by all accounts. Bless you, my dear.