Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Five Cats Go Up to Be Fixed, But Only Three Needed Fixed

I took up five cats to be fixed, two from the newly renamed "Kindergarten Neighbors" colony. Yeah, after last night, I renamed that colony.

The male the caretaker swore was not fixed, the brother of the one who was fixed, really was already fixed. He got an ear tip at least. The black male was fixed from there.

I took up Humphrey, the gray male kitten from the VV colony who has been in my bathroom ten days or a week, I can't remember how long.

I took up the brown tabby male caught over on 15th. There's one more there, a woman is attempting to catch, a big male Siamese. But at least one of the two big boys is now fixed.

Humphrey, the black male, and the big brown tabby boy were the only unfixed cats of the five I took up.

The first one caught at the Tangent trailer park was an already spayed female. They found the spay scar so she got no anesthesia and was not cut open, just had her belly shaved. That trailer park now requires all residents to keep their cats inside. Outside cats are subject to trapping and euthanasia. Fortunately, a resident is trapping the strays and will relocate them to a relative's property. She doesn't know if this cat belongs to a resident, ignoring the rules, or was one left behind by a "cat lady", when she moved. Supposedly this woman left behind almost twenty cats.

Anyhow, the resident will advertise the cat as found. If it is a tenants' cat, that tenant will get lectured on the trailer park rules and the fact if they let their cat out, their cat will end up dead under the new rules. But likely it's one left behind. If so, she'll try to find it a home and last resort, take it to her relatives' horse property.

I've decided to end involvement in the Kindergarten Neighbors colony. There are two females still over there who need fixed and three males. Then the neighbors male, whom they could easily get fixed using a Safehaven voucher, if they would.

This is now in the hands of the colony caretaker to get the rest of those cats fixed or contained so I can transport them. It is in the hands of that neighbor to get her own cat fixed, to save him, and to behave responsibly towards the cat and to her neighborhood.

I am not sitting out there again. The caretaker was inside with a woman friend while the neighbors kids caused me so many problems, when trying to catch his cats. There's nothing right about any of it.

I wanted badly to end the reproduction there once and for all, for the cats sake, but it's hell on me, with neighbors behaving as they do and no help from the caretaker.

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