Monday, August 01, 2011

Kind of Like Kindergarten

I tried once again to trap over at the Bengal colony. Started out ok. I set up the drop trap, caught the unfixed black long hair male and a Bengal mix male who allegedly is not fixed, although the colony caretakers are not completely sure. Among the first 24 cats I got fixed there, very few got ear tips, because the man intended to find them homes.

So then all hell breaks loose with the across the street neighbor's kids, all teens, and even the neighbor herself, the woman with whom I got into it before, when she claimed it was not me, but a friend of hers, who got the first two dozen cats fixed.

She had also commisserated with a different neighbor who was complaining I should not be bringing them back once fixed. But he didn't complain to me. He was grumbling loudly to himself, then to this other woman, who joined in, who herself has an unfixed male who at that very time, was yowling after an in heat female almost in the middle of the street.

Tonight, the kids were throwing a rubber football that repeatedly struck my car. Then it was thongs hurled my direction. One girl tried to sneak over and yank the drop trap string, even though the cat eating under the trap was an already fixed cat. See they all were rip roaring anxious, like this was a big side show put on solely for their enjoyment, to see a cat caught under the drop trap and were very upset I hadn't yanked the string, just for them, even though the cat under there was already fixed. The little girl's mother was right there watching too, did not stop her kid from trying to sabotage my efforts. I stopped her.

The final straw was another thong hurled at my car door. I got out, as the kid came over to retrieve it, and kicked it back across the street towards them. They then suddenly all became very silent, like they knew I had finally had more than I could take. Then I got my shit and left. WTF?

They are a pain in the butt and have no problems wasting a volunteers time. They don't care if they waste my time or cause me problems catching cats to clean up their neighborhood and make life better in their neighborhood. How stupid and selfish is that?

I wanted to yell at them "If you want to catch a cat, catch your own male and get him fixed." But...been there, tried that.

I'd love to finish that colony. How much abuse should a volunteer be willing to take to benefit the cats?

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