Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Nabbed Two at Nursing Home

Lucky night tonight, nabbed the black female with the drop trap and netted the black tamish male. He will run right up to you, but if you pet him, he'll start hissing, for some reason. He's been hanging out there now for months and always acts starved.

The black female was the catch of the night. I stayed on, thinking luck was with me, and maybe I'd get the brown tabby female and her one kitten, too. But, not to be.

The black female was seen with a black long hair kitten, just one, a week ago, but the kitten hasn't been seen since. Could have been picked up by someone. Could have been killed by raccoons. Might still be alive out there.

So, we're down to, that we know of, the brown tabby female, her silver tabby kitten, and the roam in orange tom, who is not a nightly visitor.

If we get the mom and kitten, we'll call it good.

These two caught tonight are cats 25 and 26 caught there.

Yes, I'm worn out. I was out there last night also trying but no luck. I conked out today when up with cats being fixed in my hot car in a park. Got to get my zzzz's where I can.

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