Friday, February 04, 2011

Poppa Inc. Also Assisting in Yamhill County

Click post title to read an article about Poppa Inc. assisting with cat overpopulation in McMinnville and Yamhill County.

I knew Keni had gone to a meeting with McMinnville cat people desperate to solve the area's cat problem and finding no help elsewhere. I had communicated last summer with a woman frustrated with cats dumped at the Fairgrounds there. She'd finally gotten most of them fixed paying for the fixes herself. Animal Control is located right at the Fairgrounds property also, but they did not help the cats nor help her when she began getting them fixed, which is bizarre, since they are paid animal control people.

The cat people there sought help from Poppa Inc. Keni suggested they go after a grant from the city and cited Albany as a prudent example. It is cost effective, long run.

She also told me she hoped the publicity of helping McMinnville might bring in some donations, so Poppa Inc. could keep helping both cities, Albany and McMinnville.

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