Thursday, February 03, 2011

Target Cat Reunites with Owner

This photo (first one below) appeared on Craigslist lost and found, about Cali, a lost Albany female. Below that photo, is one of a cat who jumped off a truck at the Target store in Spokane WA. The truck was loaded at the distribution center in Albany. Animal control trapped the cat at the store and contacted Albany, hoping the cat had an owner in Albany. The Target truck cat was reclaimed by the Albany owner of the cat in the first photo. It's supposed to be the same cat.

Cat from lost cat post on craigslist.

The Target truck cat.

If it is the same cat, her nose must have been injured in her journey or in the live trap. Hope she's ok.

Typical really, that the owner says the cat will disappear for long periods of time. Wish owners would be responsible with their cats.

I got a call from another colony in Millersburg, the Millersburg Country colony I trapped several years back. I got probably 40 cats fixed there and helped rehome several. They had another big tame male dumped off a couple weeks ago. He was causing trouble and fighting with their cats and they needed him neutered. The old couple live on SS and the daughter is long unemployed, so long she no longer has unemployment and lives on nothing except help from her parents now. She's almost lost hope. They're nice people.

This big teddy bear like orange guy has some got some issues from being dumped but is sweet and will be neutered tomorrow. That's what took me to craigslist lost and found, hoping he was just lost and his photo would be posted by someone looking for him. No posts on him though. He's gorgeous. That makes six cats I know of dumped in the last couple months in Millersburg alone (the mom and four kittens, one of whom died, are the other five).

I took the two gray boys out to the tow truck people this evening. I didn't want to, but I had no choice. They'll be outside cats once acclimated. They're totally beautiful and sweet. They didn't really want them, but felt bad for ever telling me about the cats over there, knowing the business, where they were dumped, would not want them back, but knowing the situation had to be dealt with before a true feral colony arose from them breeding.

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