Friday, February 04, 2011

Dumped Millersburg Male and the 19th Kitten

The big orange tabby dumped in Millersburg is being fixed today. So is Miss Jane, a kitten given away by the daughter of the Rock Hill colony, where, in the end, I took in 44 cats total to be fixed and removed 18 kittens. Miss Jane, the torti teen being fixed from there today, was adopted out just before I entered the scene. When the woman who took her split with her boyfriend, the boyfriend ended up with the cat. She's just like all the others turned out, fun and ultra loving.

This is Slurpy, from the Rock Hill colony, still here. She was one of seven Heartland took in. They then asked me to take three back, as they were ill and otherwise would be euthanized. I went and got them immediately. I was told various stories all last summer as to what happened to the other four Heartland took in and I never got a real answer. I suspect they had colds and were killed there.
Keni up in Beaverton, her daughter, and another person fostered 11 others kittens from the situation. LIke the calico above, who was finally adopted.
The 19th kitten, from the Rock HIll colony, Miss Jane, being fixed today.The big guy, dumped in Millersburg, being neutered today. I call him Mr. Big.

I added a shelf to my home made bunk bed and the cats love it. The piece of wood is from the useless Ikea bedframe fiasco.
I got this exercise disc free at a garage sale and I love it. You do the twist on it and it came with a long bar, that you can fit into the hole in the center, and while twisting, hang on to the rod, pushing it this way or that, or you can use the bar alone. The disc is fun!

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