Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Glad I Got Involved in the MIllersburg Cats

Fuzzy long hair gray male teen, fixed yesterday, abandoned in Millersburg.
Short hair gray male teen, fixed yesterday.
The tame mother cat, pregnant again at spay, dumped in Millersburg with her kittens, one of whom did not survive.
Black teen male teen, fixed yesterday.
The big orange guy, caught in the wrong place at the wrong time. That's what happens, big guy, when you look for love in the wrong spot. Now, you are minus a couple of organs. Don't worry. Your life will be better. He's beat up and the vet says he's feral but thinks once he was owned, too. He's huge and has not been seen before at the business. They fed only in the morning and I trapped him about 9:00 at night, although I saw him roaming around the porch there much earlier. No doubt he is father to all or some of the kittens bubbles in the barely pregnant mom cat, also spayed yesterday.

He looks so much like the cat I caught and got fixed for another business, less than half mile from there, that I took him over there, to see if he was their cat, before heading to the clinic. They couldn't tell if it was Sam or not. Sam was neutered in 2009, but they did not want the cats eartipped. This guy wasn't neutered, turned out, but he is a dead ringer for the other cat and maybe they're brothers. He sure is getting well fed somewhere.

I released the orange tabby male this a.m. The business, despite my message yesterday, informing them the two teens boys will also have to return, has taken up the nailed down food dish on the porch, like a statement the cats will not be fed there.

The orange tabby male was probably only visiting, to impregnate the black female, so he likely will go back to wherever he came from originally. I don't worry about him so much not being fed there. But the two teen boys, they need fed.

But wait, just as I type this post, the tow truck people, who told me about them in the first place, swoop in, say they'll feed the gray boys at their place, and of course they confine them for a time, because they're not stupid. They will confine them in my former shed, the shed I gave them when I was evicted from the slumshack in Corvallis. I didn't want my own shed to be taken by the slumlord, so he came, and smooth as silk, winched it onto a flatbed and they have it now. I built a wide shelf into it, and a cat door. So they'll be confined on the shelf in a containment cage for awhile, then released and fed there. These people are even going through a death in the family right now, and still will take them.

I am overwhelmed in gratitude to them. I changed the title of the post immediately, from "I shouldn't have become involved with the Millersburg cats" to what it is now, because it might all work out ok.

The black mom and black teen are leaving first. Then Rainy is going to a home later this afternoon, to a couple on the coast. One of the women works one day per week, today, in Albany. I think it's a good home for her, a good match. They have two cats now.

I hope to get the gray boys to their new location before black mom and son leave.

The gray boys needed to see their mom and brother, before they are seperated for good. It's a closure thing, so they won't wonder, won't look for each other and that happens.

It is hard on a family to split. It's hard on siblings to seperate. I only learned this when I started dealing with cats. It's terribly hard for families to be split up. When you think of kittens going alone to some white trash household, where kids do what they want and run the show and parents or parent is involved with a multitude of angry issued up partners and there is general chaos, addictions, and no cleaning, how dismal that must be, for a child, for a kitten, alone.

If they at least have a family member, a sibling to cling to, it's so much easier on them.

If you want to adopt a cat, please don't adopt a single cat unless you already have cats who will accept the new cat into their family. That cat will have issues and be lonely. If you can, adopt a pair of family members or close friends. They'll be happier and healthier and far less trouble if you want to go on a short vacation.

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