Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Farmer Will Take Only Two of the Millersburg Family of Four

Bad news. The farmer I thought would take all four of the cats from the Millersburg family, orginally dumped off there by some asshole, can only take two (wife is firm on only two).

I caught all four. The mom is tame. The kittens, one black, two gray, are all boys, teens. I'll have to take two back, am not keeping more here. I don't find any homes, is the problem, and can't support the ones I have now.

I also caught a free roaming huge orange tabby male when trapping the other four. He got neutered and he's going back too. The little mom, not much more than a teen herself, was pregnant already again. Just barely. Guess we know who daddy of at least some of those kitten bubbles was.

Too bad these teens have to go back, live that life, probably get killed on the road, but I can't care for more cats here. I left a message with the business that two of the teen boys will be returning but that I can recatch them if they can find them a home.

The sad thing, the pathetic thing on my part, to try to make the deal sweeter for that farmer, who is a heckuva nice guy with a great setup, I'd paid for all four to get rabies vaccines. And here, I am giving each a three-way vaccine. I wanted it to go through for the little family, to remain together. I understand, however, if he can take only two. I misunderstood.

I wish some people around here would step up and help out a little. I'm overwhelmed in costs and labor.

And click the post title to see a Canadian companies brutal slaughter of sled dogs, when business slowed post Olympics for dog sled tours. It's really horrible.

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