Wednesday, February 02, 2011

More Photos of Millersburg Four

They're in my bathroom now. I needed to vaccinate them and did all but the short hair gray teen, who is the shyest. The black teen is a little doll, soft, sweet, underweight. The biggest of them is the short hair gray teen, but the long hair gray is huge too, and very sweet, after initial outrage!! The cats are always attracted to the mirror but it freaks them out, the reflections. They don't understand. I have to remove lightbulbs in the panel lighting above the mirror anytime I have cats in there, for fear they'll climb the walls at first and break the bulbs. This wasn't as big a deal before the mecury efficiency bulbs. But now, if one of those breaks, it sends mercury all over the area and is an environmental and health hazard.A beauty, this one.
Mom is sweet and completely tame.

The black teen is the smallest and cuddliest and sweetest! His brother, the blue boy, is the schiziest.

There was a fourth kitten, I'm told, dumped with the mom and these three, but she was found dead, perhaps hit on the road, don't know. People dump animals in areas they are familiar with. Either someone moved out nearby and left them. Or someone travels that road or works nearby, and dumped them.

Well the farmer just came and got the mom and kittens. He held her for awhile before we put both in the carrier. He's such a nice guy. He brought me a whole bunch of perfect looking small eggs from their chickens, which free range. I am boiling some now, to make an egg salad sandwich for lunch.

Means a lot to me, that he brought all those eggs, the fruit of their labor, and I gave him the fruit of mine.

The other two boys will live not that far from where they were dumped. I hope that works out. I hope they don't try going back over there, because that road is dangerous. I wanted them to see their mother leave, which might help.

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