Monday, July 13, 2009

Six more Albany Cats Being Fixed Today

To date, in July alone, I've taken in 17 Albany females to be fixed and 10 Albany males. That's just in the first 13 days of July and I'm only counting city limits Albany cats (for Poppa billing of cat grant funds).

Six more Albany cats are up being fixed. Five of them are owned tame females while the sixth is the 9th cat, a male, caught by the Albany business over run in strays, most of whom are now fixed.

Hill street owned muted torti, being spayed today.
Another Hill street owned muted torti, being fixed today. (they are not related).
Two teen females from the Denver street house. I've already taken in three adults from there to be fixed plus one female kitten. Today, two more teen females and an adult female.
This adult female was originally abandoned over on Main street somewhere, with her kittens, by her tweeker owner. She is temporarily with the Denver street folks who want to find her a home.
The two teen females again, up being fixed.
The male caught by the Albany business taking a proactive humane stance about strays wandering their property. They trap them and get them fixed.

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