Monday, July 13, 2009

Eartipped Tame Male at Heartland

Here is a photo of the young eartipped male brought to Heartland in a live trap. He's tame.

An eartipped tame male cat appeared at Heartland Humane and they call me, pretty much wanting me to come get him, I think, because of his eartip. He was trapped on Conifer and Newcastle in a trap handed out by Animal Control. I can't take in another cat, is the thing.

Heartland said they are being inundated with cats and by people trapping cats and wanting them eliminated. I hope it isn't Yoyo's brother. Yawny was tame and eartipped. He was adopted by a Lebanon family, but the daughter was moving out in a few months and the cat was going to be hers. I think the Heartland person said this is a long hair male. Yawny is short hair. There's Miato, one of the Kelly road kitties, but he was adopted by an extremely nice retired couple in Monroe. They wouldn't give him up.

UPDATE: I now know where this cat belongs. Belonged is a better word. This older guy used to trap a couple cats he fed, at a time, come with them to FCCO clinics, but he'd never really finish up the colony. Then Nick, the coordinator, asked me to help but it was fruitless really because he'd never follow through. He finally did however catch his last young male a couple months ago.

He lives near where this male above was caught by someone. So I called up Mr. Smith, and got his wife. I said, "One of your cats is at Heartland."

She said "Oh, those cats haven't been around for a long time."

I said "What are you talking about? Your husband just got the last one fixed a couple months ago."

"Well, that's the neighbor trapping them. He said he was going to take them to the Farm Home."

I said, "Well, one's at Heartland and they may kill him if you don't go get him."

To which she replied, "We're moving and we're not taking them." And hung up.

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