Sunday, July 12, 2009

Jade's Kittens are Back

I had to go retrieve Jade's kittens from the fosterer a few days back. Her husband was talking about how they were ready for homes and mentioning maybe a pet store would sell them. Big red flying flag on that comment.

Also, the woman had been bathing them routinely I guess. You don't bathe cats, it removes their hair oil and the soap can make them sick. So I didn't know what was up with all that and just brought them back here. They were here less than a day when the neighbor boy's mom gave permission for him to foster them. That lasted two days.

Tonight, they are back. The neighbor boy quickly lost interest, his mom said, the kittens became lethargic and have diarrhea, really strange diarrhea, like they're straining to pass something.

Here's the thing: the previous fosterer and my neighbor use clumping litter. That can kill kittens. They walk in it. It gets stuck to their legs and feet. They lick and groom and then it gets into their little stomachs and intestines and can clump there. That stuff should be outlawed.

So all five are back and Jade is happy about that. She's been down herself, coughing up one huge hairball and just when I thought she'd got it all out, yet another. She's beginning to feel better after ridding herself of hairball bondage.

But the milky diarrhea Bear has is a mystery. All I can think of is someone gave the kittens milk or its the old clumping litter problem, which is very bad on kittens digestive tracts.

The healthiest looking kitten of Jade's five now is Micro, previously known as Farrah, the kitten who stayed here all along.

Their temps are low, between 97 and 98.2, which is very bad. I don't know what is going on. I gave each sub cu fuilds which perked them up immediately and they ate a bunch more food, then had squirting diarrhea. They may be bored and over eating. The diarrhea is normal colored, except for that one time when Bear had milk colored chunky runny diarrhea. They are back on antibiotics and pro biotics and something went on at that first fosterers place, because Pippi's backbone is prominent. This tells me they've had diarrhea for awhile and she never told me. Or maybe never noticed, which can happen with clumping litter too. So, with sub cu fluids, back to pro biotics and antibiotics, maybe they'll snap out of it.

I hate having sick kittens again here. But as fast as kittens can go downhill, they can snap back, given the right care, but the right care can sometimes be guess work. All I know right now is they need external heat source, to warm them up, and sub cu fluids and pro biotics.

UPDATE: After coughing up yet another hairball, Jade is back to racing around chasing toys and being her funny funny self. I've got the kittens back on Albon, but I have a funny feeling it's not that. I think they're overeating, perhaps, just don't know. We'll see how they do tomorrow. They were severely dehydrated but are already bouncing back with pedialyte and a couple sub cu adventures each. I don't know.

Half the summer is gone. I haven't done a thing. I sit here alone or go out into stressful cat situations and no longer am in touch with anything else or anybody else on the planet. I don't have a life. I don't have human contact. I don't have recreation. Boy, I need to figure out something.

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