Sunday, May 31, 2009

The Big Siamese is Dead

Meet Gabby, the brown tabby girl, from the disabled mom. A pair of prevet students named both of them.
Gabby gabbing!
Napoleon, the boy kitten.
Gabby in the arms of a prevet student at the clinic, where I took them after the SS woman and neighbors down near the office, were able to get under the building and locate the pair.

I had to come home from the clinic. I am too upset. The big Siamese I netted actually had a broken upper front leg. The broken off bone, they said, had slid down beside the other piece. He also had shattered teeth and broken toes. Possibly a broken jaw, too. Must have been living in horrible horrible pain. It just was too much for me, with all that's gone on. I came home.

Good news now, on a different front. The SS woman got permission to go under that next door building. I went over the moment I got her e-mail but just missed her. Two kittens in hand, much older than I expected, very healthy. And I met two neighbors over there, who will take in the white female. First she'll spend time with her kittens for a few days.

The Pain of a Mother

The lactating white female, doomed now, has turned vicious. I am the person, to her, that took her from her kittens, sealing their fate. The SS woman's hands are tied. She has not been able to reach the manager of the building, to get under there and find the kittens. She can't go back or she too will die.

And what am I to do, watching her pain and knowing kittens are slowly dying because I trapped their mother. It is a terrible position for me to be in. I asked that woman if the female could have kittens and was told "no" that she was not lactating.

I went over again tonight, after a fruitless journey to Sweet Home. There was allegedly a trailer park with over 30 cats needing fixed. When I got there and met another volunteer, who had spoken with the manager about the situation only an hour before, and there were no cats. They'd disappeared over the last months, but the manager had told the volunteer over there they were all there. Why, I wonder. Who knows, but they're not there anymore and probably were killed by someone.

When I was at the building, I could only look through the hole the mother cat enters, and make mother cat calls. The only response I got was from Scrunch, the orange scrunched ear Heatherdale double crypt fixed a week ago Friday who doesn't know he's neutered yet and probably thought he heard a female in heat.

I said "Scrunch, I helped you out. How about helping me out now? You could go under there and carry them out to me. You could, you know." He eyed me suspiciously then took off.

Over in Sweet Home I had the distinct pleasure of meeting the old woman about whom an article was written in the paper last week. The article stated Senior and Disability Services had abandoned her, asking that she pay almost $300 per month towards a caregiver. Disability Services response to the reporter's inquiries were guarded, citing client privilege.

Well, turns out, the old woman wanting our sympathy is a notorious mean cat collector that KATA has had to deal with already on two occasions. When we were trying to figure out where all the cats were, we decided to ask Charlotte, since she's the cat woman in that park. She invited me in. She sat, surrounded in trash, with two cat carriers on either side of her. Inside each carrier, was a Siamese cat. She never lets them out, she told me. It was unbelievably sad and this is her M.O.

She told me she keeps them in the carriers because the female is in heat, until she can get her spayed. I said, thinking stupidly I could cajole her into allowing me to get them fixed, "I am a cat lover. I will be happy to take them in for you."

She started in then. "Them vets spay them without anesthesia and I'd want to be there right with them, because I love them, for the whole 24 hours. I ain't handing my cats over to nobody because they won't treat them right."

I stared at the poor cats, confined in incredible heat to those tiny carriers. The law went after her in Lebanon. Dead cats in carriers in the back, I think was part of what went on, it was just horrible. Then she landed in Sweet Home and KATA took about 15 out of the trailer, at the request of a relative, when she was hospitalized under police supervision.

Then the woman wanted to know who I really was. I told her, that we had been told there were 30 cats needing fixed in the park and I came to try to help them, and, since she was the resident cat lover (I was still being nice), she'd know how many there were and where they hung out. She then demanded that I adjust some piece of equipment on the floor, and began yelling at me that I was doing it wrong and what the hell, didn't I know what "a little bit" meant, in regards to moving it. Oh my gawd, I thought, no one in their right mind could be paid enough to be this woman's caregiver.

Besides the refuse of this being the trailer of a collector, trash and stacked papers everywhere.

She lit into me again in a fit of cussing and threats and I said, "I need to get going." I literally ran down her handicapped ramp to be away. Oh my gosh, that woman is mean!

The reporter didn't tell the whole story in that paper article. Not even close. She should have done so. I sent an e-mail to the online editor, suggesting they actually tell the whole story.

The trailer park manager then began to get calls from her, repeated ones, over and over. I felt for her.

The old woman needs committed, in my opinion, if ever anyone did. Animal abuse is no laughing matter and this woman is abusing animals and anyone alive who gets close enough to give her opportunity to unleash her venom.

I got a contact from someone wanting barn cats. But I think the name is fake and I think its a kid playing games. I actually get a lot of those. Spoiled kids. Bored kids. Or disturbed kids usually.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Netted that Big Lynx Point

33 Cat Trailer Brown tab on white male, to be fixed Sunday.
The front leg injured big Siamese I netted this a.m., to be fixed Sunday.
The SS office white female, to be fixed Sunday.

I was over at the trailer park this a.m., looking to catch the two males still there unfixed. But, I saw the injured Lynx Point napping on her back porch. I set up my drop trap.

I have a new toy courtesy of Mason in Florida. It is a remote controlled drop trap stand. The remote receiver also will detach from the drop trap stand, to reattach and hang off any live trap and using the same sender unit, will remotely trigger any live trap, too. Mason is going to market these eventually and wanted me to try them out "in the field" and so I got the unit for free! Yahooo!

But in the end, a medium hair orange tabby showed up, limping due to fight injuries, and began spray marking everything, including my drop trap. For good measure, he squatted and peed on the old woman's patio chair. There are two orange tabby males in the trailer park. Both are owned and both owners are extremely hostile to the idea of spay neuter, despite the behavior of their cats to neighbors properties.

The Orange tabby wanted to get into it with the injured Lynx Point. The Lynx Point wanted to avoid a fight and I watched as he headed up onto the woman's porch. I knew he was going to come over the gate and down the steps. The old womans' son had just arrived. I waved him back, grabbed my net and just as the Siamese made a lunge by me, having come down the stairs of the porch, I netted him.

The son then helped me transfer him into a live trap. I could not have transferred him alone into a live trap. It's hard. I could have done so had I had a carrier with me.

I was going to leave then, but then I saw one of the two males I was after fed by the old woman, the brother of the two tabby on white sisters, now spayed. He is tabby on white long hair, and half tame. I called him close enough to pet him, then the son handed me the net. I scruffed him and brought him to the asphalt and dropped the net over him. From there, I transferred him to a live trap with the help of the old woman's son.

At this point, half the other now fixed and hungry cats were pillaging my car. I'd left my door open.

I decided I would try later for the one remaining male not fixed there, one of four black tux brothers. The other three are fixed.

I have five reservations for tomorrow's FCCO clinic and I now have four cats in hand. The Lynx Point injured male. The long hair tabby on white male. The white deaf blind female. And the ten week old orange and white kitten, one of three abandoned on Frye Road. KATA is going to take in the two orange and white female kittens, so they will get them fixed.

KATA also came forward, happily for me, and paid for the old gal black manx's dental and tooth removal of yesterday. She is on pain meds and antibiotics now and housed in style over at the couple's house, in a rabbit hutch.

The couple's daughter and son in law are moving in. He was laid off, from his HP job, and, without an income now, he has put his house on the market and the couple are moving in with her parents.

I met the daughter. She is very nice, has a horseback riding injury currently, so has time to care for and socialize this old gal as she recuperates. It's really quite a wonderful end to the story. Her mother and the neighbor across the road, for whom I once trapped over 40 cats, that came with the property when they bought it, unbeknownst to them, are volunteering at the FCCO clinic tomorrow. The former owner's daughter allegedly snuck back onto the property and dumped several unfixed Siamese, before the current owners moved in. They bred and what resulted was a huge feral Siamese colony. They're all fixed now, long fixed in fact.

The couple upon whom the elderly manx female and orange tabby mother with kittens were dumped, have three more out there, recent dumps, to catch. Another manx, this one a long hair torti, and likely the black manx's sister, a black and white, and a male Siamese, who has showed up in the last month and also likely was dumped.

I went back over to the SS building early this morning, searching for any kittens out there. The food I had left was gone, but likely had been eaten by birds. I set a trap and left it for several hours and it was not touched.

The SS woman now tells me the cat must have had a recent litter that are under the building. There is easy access under there, but the building has an alarm system and she can't get ahold of the manager. She must have permission. She is hoping to do so. She has left a message and e-mailed him.

I will find somewhere for this white girl to go. The SS woman adopted her brother, who does just fine at their house. Also, I found out the white cat I was told about at Heatherdale, with the half length tail, was indeed a male and was trapped, neutered and released by a neighbor of the SS building. So he's fixed now too.

Everybody is fixed now, and maybe those kittens also will be saved and maybe they won't. But there's no choice in it. Their mother can't be released or both she and her kittens will die next week.

Sometimes the life of caste out cats and their kittens is very hard, and the end, for some, is extremely cruel. I'll find somewhere for this female. I will.

Want to Eat Some Iron Fortified Processed Cereal?

Check out this video:

Friday, May 29, 2009

Blind, Deaf and Lactating

I caught the female I was asked to trap, living under a building next to the SS building. She is all white, deaf, blind and lactating, but she can't go back, because the insurance office people are going to block the hole she uses to go under their building on Monday.

I guess the SS security said he saw a couple kittens with her a few weeks ago. I am hoping she is nursing one or both of those, and does not have a new litter under that building. Either way, it's sad. I don't know what on earth I can do with a blind and deaf cat.

I will try to catch her kittens. At least one is still alive out there.

I know this cat. It is the third cat I was told about a few months ago, when a woman who lives at Heatherdale Trailer Park called about more strays she was feeding. The three strays were: a brown tabby female; the orange tabby male with scrunched ears, and the white cat. I asked the tenants to trap the cats with the managers trap. The woman who called won't get involved, for some unknown reason, but got some friend of hers who is nuts to trap.

She did set the trap and caught the brown tabby. She was very pregnant at spay. SafeHaven took her in afterwards. The woman then wouldn't try for the other two. It was almost two months before I heard from her again. That was after the man found the badly injured orange and white male in his carport. The old woman then vowed to try for the other two. But it was almost another month before suddenly she called last Thursday that she'd trapped that orange tabby long hair male and come get him, and kill him. I was really not very happy with her. The cat was fixed and returned. I was told the white cat had disappeared long ago. Well now I know where she disappeared to.

Good News and Bad News

There is good news and there is bad news on the old black long hair manx female. She had many very bad teeth. And she's quite old, too. Plus, her uterus was falling apart and infected. This comes from having way too many litters over the years and age.

So there wasn't much I could do but tell the vet to pull her bad teeth. She'll need a couple weeks recuperation and to be on antibiotics. Then she'll be feeling MUCH better.

The bad news is: The extra services cost $100. And I have to come up with that out of pocket.

I'd like to personally wring it out of the louse who dumped her, along with her sister, who, once trapped, will likely need similar help.

Takes a real asswipe to take elderly cats out and dump them along a road.

Consider this: For euthanasia and body disposal, the charge would have been $60. For $40 more, she gets to live, and pain free now too.

The Last Cat

Someone is trying to catch a feral female, very thin and young, with bad eyes over just off Waverly. Neighbors trapped the others, hordes I was told, of abandoned cats who took up living under an empty building and the woman does not know what the neighbors did with the cats. This is the sole survivor.

She lives under a building and the management of that building wants to close up the holes. I have agreed to take this poor gal in, if she is caught, at least temporarily. Her story is just so sad.

Sadly, I had to return Tia, the teen caught by the Albany business, who, at just under four pounds, was pregnant and skinny. Her skinniness however turned out to be mostly worm caused. She had a severe tapeworm infestation and also roundworms. I bought her a tube of Profender, which helped her immediately.

At first, she was so happy inside here. But then three bully cats here took after her: Dex, Panda and Comet, attacking her if she tried to eat or use the litterbox. She began staying 24/7 up on the cat runs. She even began to poop up there, afraid to come down. So I got her down last night and put her in the bathroom, for which she was grateful.

It was a rough night for me last night. My knee hurt. I was tired but couldn't sleep due to my knee and also I got the intestinal thing again, the severe constipation, left side. Then, deliberating Tia's fate, too.

She needs her family. I took her home. She knows where I live now. If she gets in trouble, I hope she'll come looking for me.

Three cats are up being fixed today. One is yet another male trapped by the Albany business. They also retrapped the Lynx Point male last night. But he's fixed now, so they let him go.

Cats two and three are the manx black long hair dumped out on Frye and the orange female, mother of three kittens, also dumped on Frye. The woman whom they were dumped on has a friend who is adopting the orange mom and the boy kitten, once they are fixed. And KATA says they'll take the two orange and white girl kittens. So they won't be going to the FCCO clinic Sunday.

Countryside is going to call me just as they are about to close up the manx long hair. The cat is feral but she has such long hair I want to try to clip some of it off for her, while she's (hopefully) still under the influence of anesthesia. Being a long hair feral cat is not a fun thing in summer in Oregon. Makes a cat overheat, not to mention the matting problem.

The two manx's dumped are not true ferals, but they were dumped about three months ago, so they've kind of turned feral in the meantime. This cat may turn out to be already fixed, since the black short hair female, who appeared at the same time, was previously spayed, albeit left with those horrible metal wire sutures.

Isn't This Funny?

From the crime report in the Gazette Times:

Benton County Sheriff’s Office

Tuesday, May 26

HAPPY CHICKENS: 1:23 p.m., 700 block South 13th Street, Philomath. A deputy did a welfare check on some chickens that reportedly didn’t have access to shade. Not only did the birds have shade, they had fans and a sprinkler system for when the temperature rises.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Latest Dumps

These are the latest dumped cats, an orange mom and her three kittens, plus a long hair manx who looks like a female to me. Be interesting to see if she is fixed or not. This cat isn't discolored as I was told she was. The woman thought it was another manx, also dumped out there recently, with this one, who is a long hair torti. She thought the torti's coloration had turned into a black red, but it's a different cat. This is the one she thought had disappeared, after the two manx's suddenly appeared together. No kittens have been seen, however. A Siamese male has also been dumped out there recently, plus a black and white cat.

The adult orange female and the manx will be fixed tomorrow. The woman is bringing the three kittens, all about 10 weeks old, two girls and a boy, to the FCCO clinic to be fixed Sunday. A friend of hers is taking in the mom and the male kitten. The other two kittens, the girls, will remain with the woman they were dumped on, until she finds them homes, if she finds them homes.

This manx long hair black has a very pretty and unusual face.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Mom Cat and Kittens Dumped on Rural Linn Road

An orange mother cat and her three orange and white kittens were dumped along a rural Linn Road just outside Albany.

Funny thing. I saw an ad for three orange and white kittens on craigslist very recently. The poster was trying to get rid of three orange and white kittens. I responded with an offer to help get the mother cat fixed.

Are these the same kittens and mom? Probably. The post was removed. I need to start saving the free kitten and cats ads again, so when they show up dumped, I'll know where to go to find the mean mother fuckers who did it.

Four Cats Being Fixed Today

Photos of the four cats, three males and a female, up being fixed today, below:

Injured Chocolate Pt. Snowshoe male Siamese, being neutered today. He suffered rear leg injuries but is getting better.
Rescued torti pt. Siamese, being spayed today.
One of two owned males, being neutered today.
The second cherished owned boy, being fixed today.

Only one female made it into the four being fixed today. The female and one male I found as a result of attempting to locate where the injured Lynx Point Siamese might be spending time.

This woman also is feeding a stray injured Siamese male, by coincidence, but not the same injured Siamese. One is a Lynx Point, the other a Chocolate Point. The Lynx Point has a badly injured front leg, while the Chocolate Point injured both rear legs. The woman who feeds him said he couldn't even walk for awhile, on either rear leg, but is slowly getting better.

Usually, this sort of injury occurs when the cats' rear end is clipped by a car, when the cat dashes across a street. It's usually a crack in the pelvic bone. The other Siamese's front leg injury is usually the result of fighting with another male, or a dog bite/mauling. It's usually the former cause, however, this time of year.

So that male is being neutered today along with a female torti pt. Siamese the woman rescued from somewhere. She has a black cat that comes up on her porch, also, but that black cat has a very prominant eartip.

The other two cats being fixed today are two male cats owned by a guy who lost his job and has no money to pay for their neuters. He is very nice, I think. But then, so is the woman feeding this particular injured Siamese male. Nice people all around.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Regarding Same Sex Marraige

It's ridiculous not to allow same sex marraige. I wonder if those three brother cats, I saw at the trailer park, taking turns doing each other, rolling around happily afterwards making muffins in the grass, I wonder if they know they're going to hell and need to repent.

I didn't tell them.

A cat would consider that a ridiculous concept.

We humans should too. There's not a lot of love in this world. Where it exists, we should celebrate it, no matter whom it is loving whom.

I was going to trap the two males left unfixed at the old woman's 31 Cat Trailer this evening. But her daughter in law called and said the old lady wanted it done some other time. It's tough when you're helping people out and they won't accomodate your schedule with vet appointments, but want you to accomodate them instead.

It's the same thing with that last Millersburg male, too. I think that man might purposefully subvert trapping him. Why else would he tell me, when I left him a trap one day to use the next week "I'll have him ready," but then go ahead and feed him, and make all sorts of excuses as to why he didn't really have time to try much? And this same scenario has played out twice now, almost like a game.

I get the feeling the man likes the drama of excuses and borrowing and reborrowing a trap, rather than just catching the cat so it can be done. I won't loan him a trap for the job again. Nope. No sense in it, just more pain if I did, for me.

If I'm ever up real early, I'll go out there and catch that boy myself. Otherwise, it's their problem to solve. Afterall, that man told me they would pay $20 per cat to cover a rabies vaccine, and so, stupidly, I got the three done a rabies and a distemper and paid out of pocket. And he stiffed me. That's just mean and very very dishonest.

I've Been Comcasted!

Once again, I've been comcasted. My limited basic cable just dropped three more channels without warning--all three Eugene stations. I don't know why. Comcast does not consider me a customer is the problem. My bill for limited basic goes to my brother. I lost my password almost immediately after connection. Without the password, I can't request another because they want to e-mail it to my comcast e-mail address which I cannot access without a password. So, I've done without. Calling does no good because without a password they don't believe I am a customer.

So, they have their way with me and I have no way to get around that. They've apparently Comcasted me again, reducing limited basic to really really limited basic. If I ever get ahold of them, that's what I'm going to ask, if they've changed their Limited Basic, to Really Really LImited Basic, just for laughs.

I've gone back and forth with a potential cat adoptor from Springfield all weekend. He wants Matilda. But he's young, about to start college, and doesn't think he'll ever move, but he will move and get a life beyond college and then what will life end up for a cat he adopts?

Today he was just going to take a look at Matilda. She has an ear infection going on right now, so isn't really up for adoption currently. But he was an hour late and I was supposed to be elsewhere at 4:00 and had to tell him "some other time".

It's terribly hard on me, not knowing who these folks are, who want to adopt a precious rescued kitty, if they'll take care of them, or maybe abandon them one day. I just hate it. It's horribly stressful on me of late, gives me nightmares and probably high blood pressure and I just absolutely hate it.

I tried to net the injured HUGE Lynx Point this morning. It was a stupid stunt.

It was so hot. He wasn't interested in the trap. I was to get back to meet that adoptor who was way way late. The big cat is very badly injured, front leg, and I was able to get within a few feet of him where he lay napping in some berry vines.

He's so cross eyed, he doesn't see well. I decided to take a chance and net him. Getting him netted was no problem. Getting him from the net into a trap was a huge problem alone. I wrestled in cat poop filled dust and dirt with the massive Siamese before he just slipped out through a hole he enlarged in my rotting away fish net. I was upset with myself. He loped a few dozen feet up the sidewalk and darted into the next yard up through a fence hole.

I came home then, kicking myself over that stunt, washed up and cleaned up, waiting on that adoptor. By ten til 4:00, with him almost an hour late, I had to leave. I went back to meet up with someone who lives around the corner from where the injured Lynx Point hangs out. She has a Siamese mix male on her porch too, with injured back legs, probably from being hit by a car. He's getting better but he too needs neutered. I left her a carrier so she could put him in it herself.

The old trailer woman across Salem Road has another male who showed up. She thinks he is a new show, but then says he's likely the brother of the two tabby and white sister short hairs, now fixed. So she has two more males over there who need fixed.

The other woman, who feeds the Siamese with the back leg injuries, and I walked around looked for the injured Lynx Point Siamesee and found him sleeping in the yard he'd run into after slipping through my net. He was just dozing but ran when we got too close. Then the man who lives at that house got home. I asked about setting traps on his property. At first he seemed all for it. Then suddenly he said he really didn't care at all about the strays or whether they were fixed or not and he didn't want involved at all. He was rather blunt about his apathy.

I chose to pick up the trap and not leave it in his yard. I think this surprised the woman from around the block, but apathetics are pathetic in so many ways and often interfer regardless of what they may say. He had said, "You can put the traps on my porch and by the shed, but I don't want to check them or watch them because I just don't care."

Control freaks and apathetics might seem like exact opposites but they have many traits in common, I have found. I don't deal with either type and find it far easier, down the line, to just leave.

I didn't explain myself to him or to his neighbor, a cat lover eager to help that injured Lynx Point. I just loaded the trap and told the woman, "nope, not leaving it on that porch," and came home. It's just the best way, I've found, to stay clear of apathetics and definitely not to leave equipment on their property. That way, no arguments when there is frustration, like if the apathetic suddenly calls me to say 'the neighbors little dog is in that damn trap, get over here now or we're calling the cops.' That sort of thing.

A free roaming cat has absolutely no knowledge or respect for human property lines that you can't even see or smell. This does bother cat hating people very much. They must think things like "Darn those animals, coming onto my property! How dare they!"

It does complicate efforts to catch a free roaming stray like this Siamese, who gets food in multiple locations. You have to find a human friendly and set up shop. But it's hardly worth it with some people, who disavow any involvement or any empathy for the person helping the cat or the cat himself.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

The Teen and Big O

This is the teenager who was pregnant and roaming an Albany business unwanted. I couldn't return her, which is bad, because I have too many here now waiting for homes.

This is the Big Orange Male, not quite neutered, whom that crazy mean lady trapped and wanted killed, at Heatherdale. I believe she set that trap and didn't check it and I bet he was in there more than one night. I just believe he was. His face is beat up by the trap. The food dish she had in for bait was flipped over. The trap was not covered. Some people should never touch a trap in a million zillion years. She is one of them.

The Cook

I love to cook, but never learned to cook in my dysfunctional childhood nor in my dysfunctional wasted decades within the mental health system.

Now, especially with my bum knee, I have taken to learning new things in my down time. Cooking is one of them. I have been trying simple exotic new recipes whenever I can. And, after discovering Amazon and their cheap used books of all sorts, often with free shipping, man alive, what a world out there open to discover even if I cannot travel.

I am also attempting to learn a couple of new languages.

My latest cooking attempts are ethnic Israeli foods, middle eastern and Greek cousine and Russian cousine.

The world is like an active infection, in some ways, teaming with all sorts of life and cultures. I suppose that metaphore is unappealing to some. Is that why life began on earth, I wonder? A vacancy promotes opportunity and opportunistic organisms. Why did the Europeans come to America? A perceived vacancy. Why are we looking into space? Perceived vacancy.

I do want to move out of this neighborhood. I only think this now and then anymore. Because I actually now have a wonderful place to live and the best neighbors I've ever had in my life!

It's the yard thing is getting to me. I don't have much money and what I have I cannot use to invest in yard supplies and equipment. I see this as self destructive. But the people living on this street are just very strong yard people. I feel inadequate and judged all the time solely on the basis of that square of front grass.

I need a lawnmower, at the least. Those are expensive and it can be expensive to repair and maintain a used one. I am on the hunt for a used one, however, and when I get one, and can maintain my front square myself, it will all be ok.

I have a rake and a shovel and a broom and that is the extent of my yard maintenance tools. That old Habitat store bought manuel mower is no good and never was. I miss my first manuel mower that worked so well I often mowed a half acre lawn with it at my old place in Corvallis. It was, sadly, run over and mangled beyond repair.

The only way I might become accepted completely in this neighborhood would be if I become a front yard fanatic. I also think about the peeling paint and disintegrating roof. My brother isn't going to come paint this house or have a new roof put on it. I don't expect him to. But the paint is peeling off and the siding is bowing and splits and swollen places in the siding are apparent. I'm not sure how to fix those.

I don't have the sort of money necessary to maintain a house. In other neighborhoods a bit of peeling paint would not matter much and I would not feel self conscious about it. But on this block, appearance is everything I think. I did spray the roof last year with a moss killer but it didn't seem to work.

The backyard has too many trees--five in all. My backyard is not very big, really. You would never think it could hold five huge trees. The two maple hybrids alone spit down massive volumes of leaves in the fall. Their trunk girths are small, however, and I am told the Cottonwood grew to its astounding height in under ten years.

But, the biggest problem of too many trees, outside of too many leaves, is too much shade. I can't grow a vegetable garden. Besides the two maples there is a cottonwood and birch or hemlock. The one tree I would keep, if I chose between the five: the cherry tree, which produces high volumes of really good cherries. Trouble is, I can't get to most of them. It needs pruned, after which, a couple years would pass, I'm told, before it would produce again.

The back two trees and one maple could be taken out, in my opinion. All have trunks under the diameter required by the city for a tree removal permit. It is extremely costly to have a tree removed by a service, however, costing close to $800 to $1000 per tree. There is no way in the world I could afford to have even one of those trees removed.

This afternoon I did go after a few of the lower branches of one maple, removing three, although the three each had many side branches. I used the sawzall I have, although it's power is minimal, because the battery packs I have that also fit my drill, are shot, been recharged too often I guess.

However, I stood on the ladder, cut what I could of the branch with the sawzall, then used a handsaw and finished off the branch by pounding it with a hammer. I had to cut around the now rotted boards my brother put around the branches to attach wire to for the cat yard, to free the branch, which I then would pull out from the outside, or pull through to the inside of the cat yard.

I was methodical and careful, so I would not hurt myself further, something I don't need, more injuries. I cut up some of the branches afterwards, into firewood long lengths. Maybe I'll go camping one day and need to take firewood, although it'll be green wood. Maple is a very dense hardwood.

Just taking out three small diameter branches produced a massive amount of debris. Boy, think I made a big mess! But even removal of three, with their offshoot branches, opened some space for light penetration into the backyard. I think it helped.

Big O

Big O is recuperating from the testicle location expedition that went on in his insides yesterday. He has already eaten and is even hissing at me by now. I've wormed and defleaed the big boy. I'll take him back later in the day.

I'm going to return him to the driveway of a very cat friendly tenant of that trailer park, although I know Big O already visits the open feed there and knows of the kind man's trailer. He should do much better now that he is REALLY neutered.

He isn't one I took in, so at one point he must have been owned and his owner took him in, although the vet only did a one testicle neuter.

I get a little stressed under suddenly imposed deadlines, like the one of yesterday morning, to go through a lot of records and sort out all the cats fixed through Poppa funds within Albany city limits in a certain time span. But by golly I got it done promptly while dealing with the Heatherdale woman calling me and recalling me about the male in the trap on her porch. I found a map of Albany, showing the city limits on the city's website, so I could tell easily who was an Albany cat and who wasn't. On some edges of town, the line is fuzzy and even residents sometimes aren't sure if they're in or out.

I feel better this morning already. For some reason, Poppa getting reimbursed for Albany cat fixes clear back to November, makes me feel legitimate or something here. I don't know, makes me feel good.

Friday, May 22, 2009


I was notified by the City Council last night, there was $4000 left in a grant designated for Poppa's use that we had not known about, but it had to be billed for immediately, retroactively attached to the cat grant of last year.

So I have been going all my records from when Poppa had been notified the funds were used up, last October, until present, to seperate out all cats fixed using Poppa funds from city limits of Albany out of my records and create a new one with that data to send to Poppa. Had to be done this morning! I just finished the records and sent them off. Whew! Had to run out in my car too and get specific addresses, like at that trailer park on Salem Road.

When going to get that address I almost hit that limping Lynx Point on Salem Road. I stopped and tried to catch him briefly but he ran on through a mans' yard. I knocked on the door of the house and the man said the neighbor behind him sometimes feeds that Lynx Point.

So I went around to that house and sure enough, to my suprise, ran into the Siamese from the trailer park, the female, fixed a week ago, there, on a porch two blocks away! Anyhow, I left them a note.

An old woman at Heatherdale trapped a male and yes I'm not happy about it, because my vet is closed for the long weekend and she should have called before trapping, for gosh sakes.

So I went over and got the Heatherdale cat, feared for its safety in the trap. And I asked the old woman why in the world she would set a trap without calling me first to see if I had appointments. She went off on some rant, then told me she wanted the cat killed, then told me, when I refused, outraged, to let it loose somewhere else. I won't, of course. Mean old lady. I ended up taking it all the way up to Wilsonville, to find a vet who would fix the cat who was badly beaten up.

I think it's going to be a quick wait there, because they're going to do him right away, and it's just a neuter, but then they discovered he was a double crypt. Some vet had fixed him, at some point, because he had a belly scar, but only taken the time to find one of the "lost" testicles, so his penis was still horned and he was still fighting. His ears are full of earmites, but he isn't feral and god damn that trailer park.

The vet said he'd like to slap people who behave like that towards their cat, not even treat his earmites and leave him behind. I would, too. Somebody died in that trailer park last night, according to the old lady---overdosed on drugs.

I get home and I want to complain to somebody or just talk to somebody that isn't nuts. I try calling my brothers' workplace. He went camping! I'm happy he did, but did it hurt that he did not invite me? Hell yes, it hurt bad. I don't have anybody to do anything with. In the end, you're just left with family.

I need to accept it and try to live with this fact, but boy, does it ever hurt. I left him a rather selfish message on his cell phone "Hey, I heard you're out camping. I would have loved to have come along."

He later called back, said he dropped the ball on not inviting me, that maybe we'd go camping sometime later in the summer. I know it won't happen, but it was nice of him to say that. He has his own family and friends. That's his life. It's not connected to mine at all. I'm just lonely is all.

I'm just stressed, from this day--trying to go through months of records quickly, to get them in, then the call from the Heatherdale woman, going all the way up to Wilsonville, sitting around waiting in my car for several hours, just kind of stressful is all. I didn't know all day up there, if I'd done the records right, so it could be processed through Poppa and a bill sent to Albany on time. But, I get home and check my e-mail, and Beccy got it all done up there and sent out. So it all worked out in the clinch of things.

I discovered where the limping Lynx Point hangs out too, and they're going to try to trap him. It's the boyfriend's place of the woman on whose porch I saw the other Siamese this a.m., after nearly running into the limping Lynx Point on Salem Road. She has another injured Siamese she is feeding on her porch and for awhile, we tried to figure out if I was talking about the same cat she was. She sent me a photo and it's a different male and he is limping on a back leg. If both survive til next week both will be neutered next week.

It's hard on the males out there, if they're not fixed, this time of year. Fighting and fighting wounds. Horrible life threatening absesses. Crossing roads hormone blind in front of cars. And the ever present threat of contracting FIV, since so many people do not fix their males and because FIV is primarily spread through fighting. If that Lynx Point lives through the weekend, that'll be something.

I was also called by one of the houses I've trapped for on Conser. Kittens in the garage, black female mother. Last year, a female had four black kittens. I trapped one of them with his mother. That one was a boy. The woman later told me the other three were killed by the neighbors dogs. Apparently not all of them! They wanted to know what to do and said the kittens were only about a week old.

I said they could rabbit hutch the mom and her kittens until they are four to five weeks of age, then get her fixed and release her, and socialize the kittens another month inside, and get them fixed and find them homes. Then at least they wouldn't have to worry about her moving them under the house, where they might not see them until they're much much older.

They decided on option number one. But I have to find time to go catch her. There are a dozen fixed cats still there too, many of them black, and, I'd like to catch any other uneartipped black cats while I'm at it, because if two of those kittens survived, maybe really four survived. So that means waiting until Tuesday of next week. Hope she does not move them before then.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

The bottle baby nurser. Is This coincidence?

I came up with the idea for this product quite some time ago, and sent around my drawings. Is it coincidence that someone else made this product? Click post title to see this product being sold.

Well, I guess that's life if that is what happened. And this product can be very helpful to those nursing bottle babes!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Catholic Church Has Zero Morality

Don't listen to what the pope says or what the Catholic church has to say about sin or morality. Click post title to see the latest exposee of church secrets. Child abuse. Child torture. Child rape. Longstanding and protected tradition in Catholic church schools and institutions, this time in Ireland.

Religion is for the guilt of adults, I think. Religions should leave the children alone.

I suppose this is what is referred to by right wing Christians when they talk about family values. I've never really known what that phrase means, when it is touted, usually in political debates, but I got a picture of these family values as a child, with my church elder ultra conservative family values father, who couldn't resist verbally and emotionally abusing my mother everyday and eventually began to fondle me, his daughter. Family values. Then I heard about a lot more of these family value incidents over the years and now I've come to equate the term thusly. I just can't help it.

In fact, when I hear somebody say "Family Values" I cringe and think "Ok, who's the pedophile being defended?"

And pardon me please, readers out there, while I attempt to figure out all the intricacies of blog comment moderation, followers, etc. I'm not really that much of a techie. I only pretend to be techie when pretending to be. I am a fake techie. I scan large volumes of material when I encounter a problem and want to solve it rapidly and without too much pain, therefore often skipping crucial repair information elements or steps to take to fix a blog issue.

I pick up terminology I then use liberally even though I may have no clue as to the true meaning of such terms in context. I do this sometimes to appear more techie than I am to garner information in sideways manner from those true techies' with whom I sometimes converse.

I bet you know what I mean. Those in love with the technological world love to speak of their love, just as I love sometimes to speak of my love of cats and merely need prompted to start in. The listener only needs some prompt words, and then, listening, can garner vast amounts of useful information from experts in almost any field.

The thing about human being knowledge compared to book knowledge is human beings often know how to practically apply knowledge in their given field. This is vastly more valuable knowledge than reading a book to learn a subject, because a book lacks the human practical experience of a field expert in same subject. Human knowledge on almost all subjects garnered from humans expert in that field is far superior. In my humble opinion. Unless the nature of the subject has any political or religious tangents. Then the human knowledge is polluted, tainted by the humans' upbringing or belief system. Sometimes it is very difficult to sort the tainted from the true. But oh well.

Irony in Kulongoski's Job Program

Click post title to go to story about Gov. Kulongoski's temporary job program that he says will put 12,000 Oregonians to work in low wage temporary jobs at food banks and in the forest.

The irony to me is this: The budget cuts will lay off 6000 low wage jobs, 4000 of them state paid jobs, caregiving for seniors and people with disabilities.

I find it ironic.

I know a lot of these very very low income caregivers. I run into them helping cats. They live on the brink because the jobs pay almost nothing anyhow. One of them lived at the dilapidated duplexes, where she also fed strays I got fixed and relocated. She has a disabled husband and her work as a caregiver to a disabled woman was the sole source of income for the couple. She works caring for a severely disabled bedridden woman. When she loses that job as a result of these cuts, not only will they likely end up homeless, this older couple, but the woman she cared for will likely end up in a nursing home. It's sad, all around.

Two cats being fixed today

Two female cats are being fixed today. Really nice couple, having hard times, he lost his job, need help.

I wanted to take in the last Millersburg male, but that is becoming a stress point. I'm going to have to do it myself. They'd been fed this morning, when the guy got to trying to trap the one remaining unfixed cat there. I don't get listened to much there. So it has been one long haul to get a cat caught who should be a simple catch. I am unwilling to devote my life to constantly delivering a trap, the cat isn't caught, picking up the trap, waiting. I will move on. I am also still waiting for the promised $20 per cat donation for the three long fixed, vaccinated and returned cats. "Checks in the mail" no doubt.

I left a message also for the folks living near Cottonwood, about getting in their remaining male, but got no response. They are very busy with lots of foster kids and may have taken off for the holiday weekend, or may be planning to.

So it's just the two today and that's fine.

I also have the little teen kitten up there being tested today. She's joining my herd for now. I have such a soft spot for little starving teens. It's my weakness. One of them anyway. I am proud to declare I have many.

In honor of a woman who periodically stalks me, who has, for unknown reasons, dubbed me "Jody Felon" and also often refers to me as "Lowlife", names that somehow enchant me and I feel give me an air of exotic excitement, I might change my name to: Jody Lowlife Felon. Has a ring to it and I just really like it. It is not boring, like my real name. Jody Lowlife Felon. Man alive, thank you, periodic stalker!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Doctor Knee

I went to the doctor about my knee. Finally. She had a mechanical knee model there, which I looked at closely. I showed her on the model knee where it was bothering me and it is a ligament I think or was it a tendon that runs along the side, attaching to the muscle above the knee on the inside. But it lays against the meniscus, which I am probably misspelling.

The doctor thought it was an injury to the ligament/tendon thing, forget which, which runs along the inside side of my knee, top to bottom, and possibly a tear in the meniscus, too, a term I am misspelling. She said it is possible it will heal on its own but if it does not heal in a month, then I need to come back in.

She recommended long bouts of ice exposure for my poor knee, wearing a brace and taking Aleve. I've been doing two of those things already. Now, I'll dig out a knee brace I got long long time ago, when I had a little motorcycle incident, injuring both knees.

It was kind of like psychic diagnosis. I just told her how and where it hurt and she said what she thought it might be. She did not look at my knee.

I told her I'd started an exercise program. I did. I hadn't been at it long before my knee problem arose. I was mainly increasing exercise inside here, whatever I could do, like jogging in place while doing the dishes, sit ups, bicycling movements with my legs while on my back on the floor with my hips and legs extended upwards for peddling. I got inspired by this season of Biggest Loser. I know these aren't huge great wonderful workouts, but the doctor told me I should stop the jogging while dish washing for now.

I came home and researched symptoms for all sorts of knee problems online. None of the symptoms of meniscus tears fit mine. I think I might have tendonitis actually. There is apparently a band of tendons, hip to shin, that also wrap around the knee. Inflammation of this tendon group can result in stinging and burning pain just above the knee cap and the throbbing deep pain I've felt up above my knee running kind of in a line up towards my hip but only about halfway. I believe I have tendonitis, which also fits with over use, which was going on about the time I began having pain. Well that's my own psychic diagnosis. It differs from that of my doctor.

Rest. Aleve. Ice. Stretching. Those are the recommendations I found online for tendonitis of this type. And also this one, a warning from an injured runner: If it hurts, don't do it!

Returned Cats

I took back the four boys and the girl to the trailer lady this morning. She is relieved that there will be no more reproducing there, at least, she said, until the next cat is abandoned in the area. I told her I'd try to get back soon to catch that fourth black tux male, but that my knee is on the fritz again, so I have to take it easy awhile.

It is rewarding, in the end, to see a situation resolved to the content of all involved. I know KATA took on a huge burden, however, with 11 kittens and one adult from there. It isn't cheap to take on kittens. There's feeding them, litter, vaccinations, worming, flea treatment, testing and spay/neuter, and ultimately, finding them homes. The costs per cat can get rather high. I could never have done this for these kittens.

I have no luck adopting out cats anymore at all and am down to a bare bones budget so that I can keep the ones here healthy and up to date on everything, until maybe one day I will get some adoptions. I keep trying. About all I can do.

Right now I have to figure out what is wrong with my knee and try to get it better, or I am going to end up on crutches or worse.

Monday, May 18, 2009

30 Cat Trailer Video

Six Cats Fixed Today. One Lebanon Cat and Five from 30 Cat Trailer.

Six cats are up being fixed today. One is from Lebanon, while the other five are from 30 Cat Trailer.

Lebanon female, being fixed today.
Trailer park female, mom of the five kittens, being spayed today. She had, for some reason, dried up, and the kittens, about six weeks old, were starving.
One of four black tux brothers who haunt the porch. I caught only three of the four.

Besides four black tux males, there is one gray male, who is being fixed today. He is one of the bisexual boys.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

The Homosexual Brothers

I think I've seen everything now. At the trailer park tonight, I did trap the mom cat and there were not three kittens, there were five. They're about five or six weeks old and literally starving. Most came running to where I could reach under the trailer and grab them just when I called to them in "cat". The fifth was harder but I finally caught her, also.

Sharon met me there. She had trapped the last cat in a colony in Lebanon and she was coming to Albany, and brought the cat. She briefly tried to talk other park residents, including the owners of the orange tabby, into getting their cats fixed. Again, the orange tabby owners refused and wanted one of these kittens, a female, to breed with their orange tabby.

Afterwards, the man just stared constantly at me. It was intimidating and made me nervous. He came out to the road and with hands on hips stood there glaring at me. I hadn't said a word to them and did not intend to. But it was awkward and scary.

I caught the mom of the kittens and put one of the four males into a trap. But the other three boys were off together in the grass beside the trailer taking turns humping one another. I stared increduously. I have run into homosexual oriented cats before, but never this blatant and never three very "out" homosexual brothers.

The old lady said those three had always been that way. She asked if neutering would cure that, and I said "Yup." Only one of the five boys, all brothers, is actually interested in the girl cats. Guess that explains the wide variety of colors in the kittens and almost none who black or black and white.

But I finally left, because it was so damn hot, she had fed the cats and was coming out on the porch every few minutes to smoke. I told her I'd come back much later.

UPDATE: I went back and caught what I thought were the last three boys. It was approaching midnight. The old woman would suddenly burst out of the trailer screaming about a spider. I'd go in and kill the spider before she'd go back into her trailer. Just as I was packing to go, thinking I'd caught them all, a fourth black tux bolts onto the porch. "Who's that?" I asked the old woman. She went into a tirade about how everything is against her. Then finally she turned to me and said "I forgot. There are four black tux boys." I briefly tried to catch him but he took off after a calico who showed up, who sported a very very loud bell on her collar.

After killing one more spider, I called it a night and came home. I still had five kittens to feed. Four of the five kittens are girls! This is a girl colony. And even the boy adults, three of them, are homosexuals.

I have six cats for tomorrow, the last female from the trailer park colony, and four boys from there. Plus I have the Lebanon female, the last cat of that colony.

One Albany trailer---30 cats. 20 of the 30 have been removed. By tomorrow night, nine of the other ten will have been fixed. Not bad for a few days work. Of course I am not doing the fostering work. SafeHaven took 8 of the kittens. KATA took six plus their mom and says they will also take these latest five. I haven't really done anything but round them up, trap the adults to be fixed and kill spiders.

Kittens Found in dumpster in North Bend

Tamara, who used to live not far from me in Albany, who wanted to get involved after living a few doors down from an Albany collector, now lives in North Bend and did get involved. She told she is bottle feeding the kittens, described in craigslist post below, found in a North Bend dumpster, inside a metal box that had been etched with R.I.P.

Craigslist Post below, from the North Bend Pets list:

Kittens dumped in Dumpster in North Bend (North Bend, 11th st)

Reply to: [Errors when replying to ads?]
Date: 2009-05-12, 3:58PM PDT

If you have information about the 3 day old kittens dumped in a dumpster at the North Bend housing authority apartment complex on 11th/Virginia Saturday afternoon/evening on 5/9/09 please either email the information or contact the North Bend police department.

There are 5 kittens, 2 siamese, 1 white, 1 tabby, and 1 chocolate brown and white. The kittens were placed in a white bankers box with R.I.P. written on the box lid then placed in the dumpster and the birthday garabage and small webber barbeque then placed on top to conceal the cruel act.

Someone has got to know about these babies and where they came from. Did you see these kittens and now they are gone and wondered where they went?

Thankfully the kittens were found and are being bottle feed by a community member. All 5 remain healthy and strong despite the fact when they were found they were covered in feces, were wet, and ice cold.

We as a community need to take a stand against the cruel and unusual punishment of animals that is continuously happening in our community. Please if you know something about this terrible act, come forth and make a stance.

Pictures of the kittens and box below. The mucky mess, yeah that is what they were in. We have got to have higher standards than this for our community.

Location: North Bend, 11th st

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Taking it Easy on My Knee

I am taking it easy today. My left this time. Never had trouble with my left knee before. I did something a couple weeks ago to hurt both knees. Anyhow, I'm taking it easy, icing my knee, sleeping. Have to.

I realized last week I don't get enough sleep during the week. I am often up until midnight doing chores, especially when I have cats recuperating in my garage from surgery. Then am generally up by 6:00 a.m. or 6:30, to do chores prior to taking cats to the clinic or returning them. That makes for chronic sleep deprivation.

I am going to start going to bed much earlier. I think I can get my chores done by 9:30 and be in bed by 10:00 p.m. It is much easier to injure body parts when one is tired out.

The old woman called once again. Three kittens now. Last she talked to me, she'd found two more. KATA said they'd take the two more, and I am hoping they will agree to three.

That's 18 kittens from one old womans cats. 19 cats will be permanently removed once I take the last three kittens, if that's all there are.

She doesn't have a clue the cost this passes on to other people, nor the effect finding homes for 18 kittens, has on adults and other kittens waiting for homes. But then if she had a clue, if she had thought it out, unselfishly, she wouldn't have 18 kittens and 11 unfixed adults on her porch in the first place.

The teen feral in my bathroom is coming out of anesthesia finally. However, she seems to, although frightened, like being syringe fed by me. She's so skinny, not even four pounds. Poor little pregnant kitten. Well, formerly pregnant. Those would have been dead kittens anyhow.

To readers: I have temporarily changed the commenting, since I'm being spammed by somebody who hates spay neuter and makes it his mission to berate those who disagree with him/her. He claims his name is Patrick Michaels of St. Louis Missouri but I never believe a thing someone like that would say. There are many Patrick Miachels in Oregon, if that is even this persons' name. These comments from this person are the result of a comment I posted below a newspaper article, that ran in Eugene, in support of spay neuter.

It's strange these days, that if you express your opinion, someone who disagrees may stalk you around the web, so intent are they on damaging/controlling those who disagree. Whomever you are, what I do has zero affect on you and your life. Move on, please.


My knee has been hurting very badly. I think it might be a ligament problem. Had a hard time sleeping due to the pain.

I wake up and some jerk off has been leaving comments about spay neuter, doesn't believe in it, but of course is too cowardly to have an account with their name. It's probably one of those religious freaks who think every egg a human female is born with, in both ovaries, must be fertilized.

He or she thinks cats should breed at will, people too I guess. Overpopulation isn't just a problem of cats. Human overpopulation is the cause of most major problems on earth. We don't see ourselves as animals, is one problem. While people oft complain about this or that animal overpopulation issue, they don't see human overpopulation at all along the same lines. Guess we're special.

Wildlife officials are now controlling koala bear populations in Australia with laced feed that is supposed to inhibit reproduction. Same with water fowl even here where I live. They lace feed with something that is supposed to control reproduction capacity. Otherwise I suppose the duck shit filled ponds would be even more filled with duck shit.

Reproduction is part of life. Overpopulation produces death en mass with carry over consequences to other species. The end result of overpopulation is usually new viruses, disease spread, starvation, habitat destruction and parasitic infestations. Our own human overpopulation problems result in these same effects.

What is normal, for our world? This person who left multiple comments believes it is not natural to spay and neuter. But cats are not natural anyhow. They were domesticated from a wild species by the Egyptians who worshipped cats. More people took it from there and began breeding cats primarily for looks. Natural selection had very little to do with producing the cats we have today.

Nor do the humans of today. Social programs produce a sort of reverse natural selection. Those most unable to survive on their own not only survive but are often the most prolific breeders.

But those most able to survive are often vicious predators, who if not held in check some way, would produce the means to destroy everything and everyone. So I have no idea what to call normal anymore.

A letter someone wrote to the editor, when Corvallis was debating whether a young cougar should live or die, got me to thinking more about this: what is normal. He described humans as the most violent of all species, a vicious predator not only keeping animals to be lined up and killed, for convenience, so we do not have to expend the energy to hunt them, but also killing off one another in terrible vicious wars.

I suppose it's true, when you think about it, and probably we're just a dominant parasitic master predator who cannot satisfy our blood thirst merely by killing to eat and so turn our violence against one another.

We hide our fangs well, do we not, even from ourselves?

I have no delusions that I am making any real difference in this world. I keep a teensy area of this planet as free of suffering cats as I can, because I like cats and I don't like to see them out there suffering. Do I believe this is cruel? To spay and neuter cats? Of course not. When a cat or human is fixed, they don't miss those reproductive organs. I don't. Oh, that's anthropomorphic thinking, you might say. Yeah, dumbshits, it is. I am projecting my human thoughts to animals. My thought on that...I am an animal too, so anthropomorphic is a word devised by some human who felt they were special, not an animal, something else.

The little starving feral hasn't come out of anesthesia even yet, at noon. I called the vet but they are closing. She needs sub cu fluids but try doing that to a feral alone, with a bum knee so painful I can't bend it now.

The old lady keeps calling. She's found two more kittens, about seven or eight weeks, wants me to take them. Then she calls wants to know how to keep one of her four unfixed males from humping the just fixed females. I said "Take her inside." But she won't, doesn't want them inside. I said, "Well maybe he'll give up." There isn't anything I can do. I am a mess. I am exhausted and my knee is killing me and I have a ton of normal work to do, cleaning litterboxes, laundry etc.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Strange Days

I got a call from the vet clinic today. The Pink House woman had called there, about one of the cats with "Pink eye". It's not pink eye, it's herpes conjunctivitis. She went on and on to the receptionist, but refused to make an appointment, told them "Judy" got the cats fixed, 13 of them but she didn't know where, various vets she thought, and maybe "Judy" would get her what she needed, antibiotics or a vet visit.

I stopped by the Pink HOuse then, on the way to pick up the five cats. I had printed out a Release of Ownership form, for Miss Pink House to sign the cat over. I can't pay for her cats to go to a clinic. Not anymore. I rang the bell and walked in.

I told her the vet clinic told me she had called and that she would not make an appointment for her sick cat but wanted me to get the cat to the vet. I said "I'm not going to do that, but I can do this for you and for the cat".....and I held the form up to her face with a pen. "Sign it," I said. "It's the only way I can help your cat this time."

She refused. She sighed dramatically and said she'd talked to a young kid at the clinic and had indeed made an appointment and didn't he write it down.

I said "He's not a young kid and you didn't make an appointment. Please sign the form or make an appointment if the cat is that sick. I need to get going." I gave her the number and said "Why don't you call right now?" She finally did.

I left and by the time I got to the clinic, the receptionist was still entangled talking to her. She wanted to be able to bring the cat in for free.

I said "Yeah, her disability is heavy drinking and compulsive lying." I couldn't resist that comment. She plays the disability card whenever possible to any possibly sympathetic ear. I don't care much for people who try to steal from others as she has. Like trying to get that retarded woman to sign over her house to her five seperate times.

I met KATA at the trailer park because they were taking in the old lady's six newborns with mom. That old lady has now gotten 15 cats removed in two days, plus four more fixed, and not a dime paid out by her. Boy, what a deal. You just can't beat that.

So the woman who owns one of two huge unfixed orange tabbies, who lives across from the old lady, was outside her trailer with another woman for whom I got a cat fixed.

The woman with the unfixed orange tabby and two dalmations, however, wanted to get into it with me. "I'm not fixing that male. It's my boyfriends and he would never get his cat fixed and that's his business."

I said "Sure it is, if he would keep the cat inside. With the cat free roaming, he's tearing up other cats, spreading disease and making more kittens other people have to pay to be fixed." The woman scowled and again said it was his choice to do what he wanted.

Later she asked the old woman about taking one of the orange newborns. Fortunately, KATA had just put them in a carrier. "I want one from my orange males bloodline," she said. Then, poutily, "Well, since they're taking them, I'll have to breed him again."

Sometimes it's almost too much to take all this. Vicki and Doris were gone with the six newborns and their mom within five minutes. I came home stressed again, from dealing with the Pink House lady, and her neglected cats, and now this latest cat crammed porch and the entitlement attitude dripping in some areas of Albany.

The Albany business feral is barely a teen and was pregnant. She doesn't even have adult teeth yet. She was dehydrated and not coming out of anesthesia so I took her in the bathroom and slid her out of the trap. This is a cat that tried to bite the employee who trapped her, through the trap mesh, when he tried to see if she was feral.

She's pretty much a kitten though, scared and starved and I couldn't help myself. I had a rough day, you see. I had a victim here of the likes of those trailer park people who just don't understand the consequences of their breeding behavior on cats everywhere. Like this little teen girl with nobody in the world.

I had her in my lap, then against my chest. Then I was syringe feeding her wet food mixed into water. Then I was running my finger softly through the fur above her eye and down her nose, murmuring to her in cat. And soon she was purring and clutching my arm and laying her head in my hand. It'll be hard to take her back now.

Such a hard cold world it is. Hard and so very cold. Even when our bodies can generate so much warmth just from that beating heart.

Five Cats Being Fixed Today

Five cats are up being fixed today. One is another young feral trapped by the Albany business. They think it's a female. The other four all come from the Salem Road trailer park cat lady in Albany. There are at least 7 more adults who need fixed that she feeds. I think all four from there being fixed today might be females. KATA is going to take the mother and the six newborns today. That might leave only one more female needing fixed there, at least.

Black tux feral from the Albany business.
I think this torti, from the trailer park, might be pregnant.
This torti was one of two moms who had the 8 kittens SafeHaven took in.
The old woman said both tabby on whites are females. One is being fixed today.
I was told this Siamese mix also is a female but I didn't check.

Also today, Lane County Animal Services called. They are trying to ID the strange tattoo found in the ear of a cat dumped out at Fall Creek, halfway between Eugene and Oakridge.

It is also possible the cat escaped from campers.

They thought the tattoo read KR in one ear, and "05" in the other, but did not know who in the world would create such a tattoo. I didn't either. Until my mind flashed back to when I was Milton Freewater, with the Neuterscooter, and an already fixed cat came through with a strange ear tattoo. Well, if my memory serves me, that is going to be a cat fixed by a particular vet whose clinic is either in Milton Freewater or in Pendleton. I told them who to contact to find out.

Timetravel is Having a Birthday

Today is Jeanne, from Baltimore's birthday. Happy Birthday Timetravel! Jeanne sends cat food to me every single month. The cats know the deal now. When the monthly package of Fancy Feast arrives, they all come running and are not very patient about waiting for me to rip that package open so I can serve them. Cats are that way.

Happy Birthday you nutty Baltimorian! Celebrate!!

Today is also my nephew's birthday. He is 25.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Cats Galore

That trailer park is over run in cats. That's the one I took 8 kittens from yesterday and SafeHaven took them in, thankfully. KATA is going to foster that mom cat with the six newborns.

I am rather tired of the mentality in these parts. Let them breed, in illitierate delusion, and when finally there are so many, call someone else in to take care of it. There is not a whole of lot of personal responsibility going around these parts. It gets old, to deal with, over and over and over again.

I saw two big orange toms, not connected to this one problem trailer but to others there. I saw a big Lynx Point Siamese limping badly. I saw A thin Chocolate Point Siamese crouched under a car. There are supposed to be kittens in or under two other trailers although someone said both litters must be dead under this or that trailer by now.

The cats the old woman feeds are tame, but her there, nervously trying to make them come out, with her daughter in law by her side, all but ensured a long wait to get any of them. I had to ask her three times if she would go inside, so the cats would come back. She would go in for a few moments then be right back out. I was going to catch two males and three females. I had to settle for the first four I could get, due to over involvement. I think all four are females. The old woman loves the cats, she says, and it makes her nervous even getting them fixed.

I have a fifth cat here in a trap, caught by the Albany business. They have caught five now. They are on Queen, but these ferals they are catching that roam their buildings are the likely offspring of two collectors at least I know of on or just off Marian not that far from this business property. Actually I know three just off Marian in a short stretch. Three cat collectors within half mile of each other.

That says a lot about the state of animal welfare in Albany, when you have that many collectors in that close proximity. One has been forced to move by her landlord, at least. She has littered Marian with strays, unwanteds from her backyard Siamese breeding crapola, for years and years.

The second collector I know of is the one a neighbor tried to deal with, by finally getting permission from the collector to trap the collectors cats if they ended up on her porch, which happened daily. This collector loosely owned a cat, who was badly injured, with part of its throat ripped off.

After the neighbor trapped that badly injured cat, she asked me to take the cat to the vet, which I did. The police called me and threatened me with arrest afterwards, claiming I knew that cat was owned and it was illegal to take an owned cat to the vet. Well, the collector herself gave that neighbor permission to trap any of her cats that ended up on her porch. But the cops targeted me and the stupid freak collector is still littering the area, causing problems for everyone, including businesses and expense on nonprofits like Poppa and on me. The cops should target the right people.

A year after that, another woman called me, an old woman, about strays in her backyard and could I come trap them and take them away. She lives three houses from the collector and described in detail one gray male with a horrible scar on its throat. That would be China, the cat the collector doesn't care for, except to claim ownership on one day alone, so the police could threaten me with arrest for trying to help him. I told the old woman what had gone on, who was creating the problem on that street and that I don't touch that street and that she should call the Albany police.

The third collector I know of also refuses to fix her cats although I tried, because she asked me to get them fixed, two different times. The first time I had appointments to pick them all up to be fixed, she just wouldn't answer the door. I finally tried again a few months later, and she agreed to have them fixed. This time she actually put one in a carrier, before yanking the cat out and claiming to have changed her mind. She's littered Marian street too for years, with the unwanteds and caste offs of her failures to fix her cats.

Guess I just really want to leave Albany, get the hell out of here. Nobody cares about anything here and people just want to take advantage of others. My life has collapsed completely, although I love the house I live in. I have nothing anymore but the constant demands of strangers. I need a vacation, but fat chance on that. Things could certainly be worse.

It goes on and on. check out the latest craigslist free kitten offerings:

Kittens "No cost" (Albany)
Reply to: [Errors when replying to ads?]
Date: 2009-05-14, 10:00AM PDT

Beautiful kittens ready for a good home.

541-760-0355 Ted

Or this one.....

Need help (Lebanon)

Reply to: [Errors when replying to ads?]
Date: 2009-05-14, 12:28PM PDT

so my cat is pregant and shes about to have a litter of kittens and i dont know what to do... i need some advice and also i want them to go to a good home and good if you have any advice just let me kno thanks :)

Or this really sad one, about a cat they've fed for ten years.....hey landlords, how about this solution...evict those tenants with dogs!

Outdoor Kitty needs home (Philomath)

Reply to: [Errors when replying to ads?]
Date: 2009-05-14, 10:56AM PDT

We need help with an outdoor, neutered, mature kitty, Jack. Jack showed up at our house when he was a kitten, 10 years ago. His is very loving, especially when he wants attention or to be fed. Jack would not be happy being locked up inside. He has no health issues and he's managed to take care of himself all these years. Jack does not like dogs or even cats that are aggressive or defensive. Jack's current caregivers are our tenants who have dogs, so he's spending too much time at the neighbor's. If he's threatened, he has a tendancy to mark (pee) his territory. We're away from home and hate to see this good kitty be euthanized.
We've been given a week to figure this out. Can you help?

Or this one...

Beautiful Cat Needs New Home SOON!! (Corvallis)

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Date: 2009-05-13, 9:06PM PDT

Ireland is a beautiful 1 1/2 yr old calico cat! She has had all her shots, she has been fixed and her front paws are de-clawed. In the past year I have been battling cancer and I dont have the money or am able to give her the attention she needs. I dont want to have to give her to the humane society. I would really love to give her to a good home. She does take a little to warm up but before you know it she will be in your lap every second she can. Please e-mail me or call me if you have any questions.

And more kittens. Actually, these folks had five, and have given away three. They said they don't have the money to fix either of their two females......


Reply to: [Errors when replying to ads?]
Date: 2009-05-13, 8:02PM PDT

I have two adorable black kittens. Free to good home only! One male and one female. They would make a perfect friend for little kids. They are 2 months old and are very active and friendly.

Or this one, from Corvallis....

free kittens (Corvallis)
Reply to: see below
Date: 2009-05-13, 10:51AM PDT

Free Kittens, 2-3 weeks old, need bottle feeding. phone 753-0234

Holy Earmites!

I brought the Lynx Point female into my bathroom to recover, since she was cold, last night. This morning, I looked in her ears. I thought she had a tumor in one ear. I could see a huge dark brown mass. I couldn't believe this would be earmite debris. I mean, I see a lot of severely infested earmite cats, but holy moly.

I softened the mass with olive oil, still wondering what could that be. I finally put on my reading glasses and held a flashlight on my shoulder wedged under my chin for a closer look. It was a huge chunk of earmite debris. I finally flicked it out. The cat was ecstatic to have it gone. I worked her ears, after softening debris up with oil, and flicked out more and more debris. Poor cat probably couldn't hear a thing before the cleaning. I also wormed her for both types of worms and gave her advantage.

I run into this so often in Linn County--tame owned cats with extreme parasite infestations. For gosh sakes, roundworm meds are sooooo cheap. You can buy tapeworm pills at Coastal farms. Most folks, however, are not even aware of the parasites cats get outside of fleas. It's one thing I try to do, educate people about parasites and diseases and the need to take cats for vet visits. I will give these folks my "Four Common Parasites" sheet and urge them, when they have the money, to get all their cats in for routine vet care.
The black chunk in the middle is the mass I couldn't at first identify. That was in her ear. She's glad to be rid of that. I treated her ears, after a thorough lengthy cleaning, with external ivermectin.