Wednesday, February 28, 2024

The Photos

 I guess I better post photos of the five fixed Monday, for my own look back needs.

Chloe--another torbi tux adult female

Hissy, a torbi tux teen, and lookalike to Candy, who was fixed last Friday

This boy he calls Little Buddy, as he can pet him.

Shyly, a torti tux.  He says she has a lookalike not yet caught.

This young orange tabby is a girl.  I named her Spitzy.  She was the one he had to return to his place to catch, after I saw he'd recaught Skittles, who was already fixed.  

I think the date to get the rest fixed at FCCO is going to be very early April.   Which is good.   However, how do I get this guy to not wait til last minute.

I got an email last night from the Affordable Connectivity program, which reduces my Xfinity internet from $80 (and always climbing) to $50 by paying $30 of it to Xfinity.   The program is only funded til April and Congress has not renewed funding.   They never will either.  They can't even agree to fund basic government.  I think the government is about to shut down if they don't fund it.  Friday might be the day.  How useless has our Congress become!   The Republicans howl about border funding and security yet refuse to pass a bill that would have helped tremendously with just that.  So nothing will ever get done that's useful to Americans.

It's so difficult to just get by now, with prices soaring.   I don't even know what to think anymore.   Right now I prefer to remain in lala land and pretend I can afford internet and food and electricity which is really skyrocketing in cost per month. 

I can cut my food bill I know.  For the last week, I've eaten mainly lentils and I figure I can eat them and bananas and salad and be fine, should it come to that, so as to keep having internet.  These big utility companies, like electric and internet, are so greedy it seems to me sometimes.  I have no idea why food prices are so high.   

I can get around high food prices by eating cheap food.  Internet provides my entertainment, my connection to the world and friends I've never met, and also I keep my business records and get contacts for people in need of cat help on it.  Sometimes I think it would be better not to be connected to the world, however.   

More rain, another soaker, predicted for tonight.  


  1. Dried white rice and various beans are great stock pantry items. ~nods~ And herbs and spices are key to keeping up our spirits when eating the same things over and over. :) Thank you for keeping up the good work and I wish you all the best, my dear.

    1. Can't eat most beans anymore but can eat lentils and lima beans, my favs anyhow. Just got changed over to internet essentials too, so I can keep internet. Supposed to be half the speed I had but I don't care.

  2. Internet has become a must have to function in society now, as important as gas, water and electric. Those without will be the poorest in society and seriously disadvantaged.

  3. Corporate greed. They've got this idea that profits should continue to soar, not taking any thought to what happens to their customers when they price themselves out of their budgets.

  4. Internet is expected these days as is a cell phone. We have a fair amount of people who come into the library to use computers and internet. That's a service that's available in most libraries. However, public transportation is not great around here, so some people don't have a way to get to the library to use it.


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