Monday, February 26, 2024

Five Cats Fixed Today

 Five more cats from the Off Scravel colony got fixed today.  Four more girls and one boy.

A lady clear up in Mill City came down to pick them up this morning from my garage and take them to the clinic. That's an hours drive one way just from there to here.  I gave her gas money, more than she'd need because in the end, I got unchosen at jury duty, for the trial.

I went there at 8:00 a.m. and got out about 1:30.   Watched a lot of videos on jury duty they played.   Then finally about 9:30 we went to the courtroom for selection.  They called out 24 jury numbers with some randomizer they use.  I was not one of those 24.  12 were seated immediately in the jury seats.  The other 12 chosen were seated in two long benches together.

I had to stay even though my number was not called, along with about 13 or 14 other non chosens.  That was in case they rejected jurors in the chosen group of 24.  Only one was rejected and we, the unchosen, held our breaths, knowing that person would now be replaced by one of us.  Some maybe were hoping they'd get chosen.  I wasn't one of those hoping that.  My number was not the next one called.  Whew!

We listened in the meantime to hours of questions fielded by the defense attorney to the chosen group.  We, the unchosen, were not spoken to or part of the process other than on stand by.   Finally they dismissed all us unchosen and we were free.  The 24 chosen watched us file out.

Good.  I was happy to go. Was supposed to be a three day trial. 

 I had trouble staying awake during those five hours I was there.  A lot of trouble.  On one break I took the elevator down to the basement where they sold coffee and got it iced so I could drink it faster, because the break was short.  Didn't help much.

Anyhow, I got out in time to go pick up the cats in Salem at the clinic.  

Hadn't slept well last night because some bruhaha, over a post, about 15 cats the post said were abandoned in Mill City, left outside in crates with tarps over them by an evicted tenant.   But I don't really know the story.  Then allegedly the neighbor drove them all to Albany in her car but had no idea what to do with them and was sitting somewhere in Albany in her car with all those poor cats.  But that didn't sound quite right either.  Who would do that? Then the story was they went to Lebanon to the home of someone I've never met but had been told by a friend of hers had 40 or 60 cats, many of them unfixed, some of them sick with various viruses and I thought wtf.   

That lady is 80 years old, too, and so all night I"d wake thinking how could they do that, take 15 more cats, to an 80 year old with so many cats already, many sick. And, I'd think, did she at least have help unloading and setting them up? Fortunately it was all fine and I needn't have had the nightmares and poor sleep over it. Today somehow magically they're all at Heartland Humane in Corvallis.   So....all's well that ends well, I feel.  I need to stay off social media.

The guy with the big colony had brought five more cats he'd caught last night, but one of them was a girl that had been fixed just last Friday. He didn't see the ear tip or recognize the cat.  But I did. So he had to go home with her and let her go and trap a different cat, meaning that stretched out late too, by the time he caught another and brought it here.   Hence the difficult time I had at the court house remaining conscious and trying to pass myself off as a normal interested alert citizen when I was anything but.

All I wanted to do was crawl off somewhere and take a long nap.

I finally can now.  Finally the colony man came to get his cats.

So I'll get to it, finish cleaning all the litter boxes and filling the water bowls, as I do every night.   And I'll turn off my phone and hit the hay.  

I don't know when I'll get appointments again, sometime in March.  This colony with ten fixed now, Five on Friday, five today, has probably 15 more, but I don't really know and they have FCCO contact already and once the FCCO creates their April calander, will get called for an appointment with FCCO then which is a more appropriate place to get that many fixed.  But getting a start on it, with ten fixed, is good.

And that's that.   Very happy about how the day went and about being one of the unchosen.   Also happy five more cats got fixed.  I'll put up pictures tomorrow.

Oh here's the good part.  I almost forgot.   You can only get called up for jury duty every two years and in two years, I'll be at the age you are automatically excused.  The magic 70.   We're too befuddled then, confused, doddery, drooling idiots to be jurors after turning 70 and yahoo for that!   

Even matter who wins the Presidency they'll be way way way over 70.   Should I be laughing like I just made a joke?   I am laughing.  Perhaps I should be blubbering instead.


  1. Laugh honey. What else can you do? You got heaps of cats fixed and some of those humans who you interreacted with sound ok.

    1. Nothing else to do but laugh, over the state of our next election here, and the two old men who will run against one another. These colony folk are nice and that lady who came all that way to get the cats to the clinic---that was really nice.

  2. I have been called for jury duty several times, but have never been chosen. Can't say that I was sad, either. That must have been torture trying to stay awake.

    1. It was torture!!! I learned as a child to sleep when one can in public places. My own family's normal nap time was church. First my mom would nod off, sometimes jerking awake suddenly, then my father. I had long hair and would prop my head upright leaning against my hair so I could doze with my head upright.

  3. It sounds like that one colony is well on the way to being fixed. That's great.

    Yay for the jury duty escape. I was once one of the chosen. I had resigned myself to my fate. They asked me questions. The defense had made all his challenges, and I wasn't one. Then, the prosecution started making his challenges, and I was one of the first to go. Woo-hoo. I got to go directly home after that.

    1. Awesome on the jury duty escape. They only rejected one of the 24 "contestants" while I was there, but I think they only were going to keep six alternates, not 12, so after we the unchosen left, probably six more got canned.


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