Tuesday, February 05, 2019

The Cats Must Be Fixed

Snow?  Ice?

The cats still must be fixed.

I woke at 3:30 a.m. after going to bed very early and looked outside.  The forecast had been for heavy ice.  Instead, I saw snow.  Not much, but I got excited!

We don't get snow that sticks very often in the valley.

I debated on whether to drive Beethoven, the last orange tabby teen, up to Salem, to be fixed.  I wondered if the clinic would even be open.  Salem's at a slightly higher elevation.   I checked the freeway trip cam for highway 34 and I5.

Freeway looked very clear to me.

So off I went with Beethoven, who is very lonely and I can't wait to take him to the foster lady who has his family.

The roads were not bad.  People were driving nice and slow. But I did pass many wrecks including two with an ambulance and firetruck present.  The wrecks slowed down traffic badly.  But I arrived by 7:30 a.m. only 15 minutes late.

I was the only one there, besides a lady with a foster kitten.  This is a day where they mostly fix only shelter animals.  Otherwise, probably the clinic would have been closed.

They had not expected anyone else with appointments to come.

Willamette Humane this morning in the snow

Their parking lot.
There was a wreck on the steep curve on ramp to I5 south.  A tow truck was working to pull a pickup back up the bank.  Not half a mile farther, another wreck, maybe two more.  Down near the rest area, an injury wreck.  A small pickup was slammed up against the back end of a tractor trailer and facing the guard rail.  On north bound lanes, same place, a guy stood outside his truck that had a bumper hanging off.   He did not look happy.

However I had no problems whatsoever.  So I can't figure out what caused all these wrecks or why most seemed to involve pickups.

I'm so happy Beethoven can join his family this evening after I pick him up.


  1. You finally got your snow!! I think some people in pickup trucks think their vehicle is made to travel in the snow and so they don't have to be cautious like they should be.

    1. Wasn't much and didn't last very long. I think you are right about pickups and Andrew too, that they have no weight in the back and slide so easily.

  2. Wonderful news about Beethoven. Thank you. Love those pretty snow scenes too.
    I suspect that the accidents related to people not driving to the conditions. As accidents so often do.

    1. I left him with his foster person after he was fixed. He's with his brothers and mom now.

  3. The snow looks very pretty. Pick up trucks have little weight at their rear if not loaded and so are prone to the back tyres slipping on corners. Perhaps also they are a popular choice for young male drivers.

    1. Good point about pick ups and also young male drivers and their belief in their own perfections. I guess I mean over confidence.

  4. Yeah. Overconfidence. I think that nails it, though the weight issue is valid. I didn't think of that. I'm so glad you're okay. ~hugs~ And Beethoven does look sad in the photo, so I'm glad they're reunited. Well done! Be well, my dear.

  5. frozen cold...but, look beautiful.
    take care