Monday, February 04, 2019

A Weary Weekend

I am weary today.  Top the tiredness off with the fact we got no snow and I so wanted some snow.  I love snow.

I was trying to trap five Albany cats who need a new place to be fed and call home since their feeder died.  I caught four of them quickly enough, but the fifth, a teen orange tabby, then vanished.

But Sunday afternoon something was again eating from a tied open trap and I was so hopeful.  And yet I could not leave the trap set overnight, just in case it snowed and I couldn't get over there to check it.  So I got up at 3:30 this morning, rushed over, set the trap, and was back in bed by 4:00 a.m.   And immediately fell back to sleep too.

I guess it was that disruption that has caused my tiredness today.  I did get 7 hours sleep in total, and that should be plenty.

I loaded the six cats I had caught, four from this same Albany location, and two from a Lebanon situation, into the car this morning and checked the trap before going to the clinic.  Oh no!  It was a big long hair tame black tux.  I couldn't tell at first whether or not the cat was tame. The cat was bouncing around the trap and charging the end of the trap but even tame cats will do that when scared.  The cat had a tame look to it.   I needed to know.  So I just stuck my fingers in and tried to pet the cat.  The cat bent in ecstasy to ear scratches.  TAME!

I let the cat back out.

See ya around the hood, sweetie.
So I'm taking Linus, the other orange teen, whose brother refuses to go into a trap, a black tux teen, Snoopy, their mom, Lucy and big bad Battalion, a black tux massive male, up to the clinic.  Well, they are up there now getting fixed.

Big Bad Ass Battalion

Linus and his mom, Lucy

Snoopy, another of the three teens, one of whom is still out there somewhere
The other two I caught come from a disjointed Lebanon situation.  I was not going to get involved because the person who contacted me had no real connection to the cats or the property.   Her uncle feeds the cats at the property but he doesn't live there or own it.   He used to be married to someone who lived there with a second husband. Or something. That man died.  There is this remnant of his things, outside the trailer.

Yes, it is gross and awful.

Anyhow, neighbors chickens, uncared for, roam the property and swarm any traps, even springing them in their desperation for food.

But I did catch two, at least, and my barn cat placement friend will take them.


There are at least five more there I need to catch to be fixed and move out to some better situation.

Well, that's it.  I'm a bit worn out, not bad, very disappointed I didn't catch that last orange tabby teenager.  I'll keep trying.  Six more cats fixed is a good thing always.

I didn't watch the Super Bowl.  I'm not a football fan.  I heard several people deride it at the Circle K.  I was eavesdropping.   One called it the Snooze Bowl.

UPDATE:  I caught the last orange tabby teen this morning.  Named him Beethoven.  Now to find somewhere to get him fixed fast so he can leave with his family.
Beethoven, finally caught, will be fixed tomorrow.


  1. I hope you are able to catch that orange teen. Soon. After you have rested.
    You are right about the grossness of that man's leavings too. Bleah.

  2. I like to eavesdrop. ~grin~ You are so brave and dedicated. I can't imagine sticking my hand in that trap. Heh... Best wishes on all fronts, my dear. Take care.

    1. I love to eavesdrop. I used to pull a stunt I learned on that old sitcom Ally McBeal. sit in a bathroom stall, pull up feet and you hear all kinds of things.

  3. all are cute cats.
    have a great day

  4. Our media here tried to get us enthusiastic about Super Bowl, but as far as I can see, it was a fail. Disrupted sleep will make you tired, as many parents of young children know.

    1. Yeah, some people around here are downright mad the super bowl was so boring.

  5. So happy that you caught the orange teen. You are one tenacious person.