Friday, December 29, 2017

So Long Suzie (a.k.a. Cupcake). So Long Copper!

Suzie left Wednesday.  I took her up to a Salem rescue called CAFA.  That stands for something, but right now, I can't remember what it stands for.  She has her own room for now, in a private home. Suzie never fit her as a name. I mentioned that to the nice woman fostering her.  Soon she texts me she's renamed her Cupcake since she is so sweet.

Good luck, girl.  She is a sweetie.  Hope she gets a great home with someone who wants a loving fun lap cat.

Suzie, now Cupcake on her last day here
The other two cats I caught those freezing nights at that real estate house I called it went to Meow Village where the black girl with the injured tail got that amputated.  Then Meow Village tells me they went on up to Portland and Animal Aid, where they stood a better chance of finding homes quickly.

And Copper is leaving today at some point.  Some friends are adopting her.  They have a cat and also a big standard poodle who loves everything and everybody.  Copper was near death when a Circle K clerk found her on McLagan Road and then brought her to me.  She was freezing and severely dehydrated and full of worms.   I gave her fluids for days and kept her on heat and syringe fed her KMR.  She survived. 

Later she became ill with a bad cold that included conjunctivitis so bad her third eyelids became grossly swollen and even bled.   She made a trip with me to the vet in Astoria and got meds and she was on those awhile before she fully recovered and finally was spayed last week.   She's delightful!

So long kiddo, you're a shining star!


  1. Beautiful girls. Who have been given a fresh start. Thank you.

  2. So happy to hear about the new homes for the kitties. Copper is certainly a success story thanks to your endless hours of devotion. :)

  3. Copper is a very pretty cat.

  4. What joyous successes, made possible because of you. Thank you!