Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Merry Christmas (a day late)

A day late a dollar short!

Merry Christmas everyone!

What did I do on Christmas?

Gloriously nothing! 

I totally lounged, in my pj's most of the day.  Sure I did cleaning and caught up on cat laundry and watched a Netflix movie I found called El Camino Christmas.  The movie tried to be heartwarming but.....  Wasn't that bad.

I played with the kittens too.

Sam wanted in the bathroom with them much of the day.  He loves them.

Sam is old now and Slinko likes to bother him, so no wonder he likes to find refuge with kittens.
I call Slinko my guard dog.  He's possessive and still has not learned many social skills with other cats.
Buffy who is also old now and suffers occasional seizures teamed up with her long time buddy Sam to take the tree topping Santa to the floor.

Shady loved crouching under the tree.  Hey Shady, its plastic.  She doesn't care.

Well, that was about it for the day, taking cat photos, watching a movie, enjoying the luxury of a working dryer, that I got for Christmas, fooling around taking cat photos and playing with kittens! 

Hope your Christmas was as relaxing and enjoyable as was mine!


  1. Sounds like a perfect day. We had a good day visiting with my husband's family, but it was tiring. All of your photos are good, but the kitten one is outstanding! It's calendar worthy.

    1. It was a relaxing enjoyable day. Oh, I'm glad you like the kitten photo! Thanks!

  2. LOVE the kitten photo.
    You day sounds absolutely blissful. And I am so very glad. It is past time you had a relaxing pleasant day.

    1. I love relaxing days where I can do pretty much nothing. It was such a peaceful day!

  3. So glad you got to enjoy the day. I spent a lot of it happily writing. ~grin~ I agree that all are great photos and the kitten one deserves to be in a calendar. Would you consider submitting to the calendar 365 Days of Cats? We have enjoyed that tearaway page-a-day calendar for several years and you have a gift for great images that surpass some of what make it in each year.

    1. I didn't know about that calendar of cats. I'll have to find that and check it out!