Thursday, December 21, 2017


It's frozen out this morning.   Was maybe 26 degrees out when I went out to warm the car up, before taking Copper to be fixed in Corvallis at Heartland.

I saw no fog in the air, but when I took a photo, there it was.  It's freezing fog.

The driveway was covered in frost, not snow.   It's supposed to get above freezing by about 11:00 a.m.  The roads over to Corvallis were not that bad.   If they had been, would have been a nightmare because people were driving super fast like usual, some tail gating too, something I hate.

Copper is indeed a girl and turned out to be totally normal.  Nothing fancy.  Somehow, I am disappointed.   Guess I've always thought she is special.

The home where all the kittens were going is not going to happen either, at this time.  She has too much on her plate right now, so to speak and we need to get two more cats visiting her place routinely fixed.  And that will happen, first week of January we hope.

Well, we are really frozen here, but not that bad.   26 degrees is nothing compared to real cold we've had here before for prolonged periods. 


  1. Lovely that the cats are going to find a home together.
    And yes, there is very little in this world which is entirely black or white.
    Love your freezing fog photos.

  2. I like the pictures of your frozen fog.

    And the world would be a lot easier to live in if everything were black and white, but a whole lot less interesting.

  3. I'm betting Copper is special, regardless of what the checkup revealed. ~grin~ Be safe and warm!