Monday, June 05, 2017

8 Cats Helped This Weekend

8 cats have been helped this weekend alone.

There was Taco, from Mountain Shadows, tame and sweet, a victim of the new rules there.  But is he really?  Heartland took him in and he could end up with a great home, loved and pampered!

Taco gets a chance at a better life at Heartland Humane in Corvallis.
He is not the only cat from that trailer park heading off to new adventures elsewhere.  Angelo, a sad skinny gray tabby, along with Siletz, a little black girl are being fixed today and in a couple days, will head to my friends barn home, which is really splendid!

And poor Squiggy, the cross eyed orange tabby, who can't see well, was trapped.  He and his brother, Lenny, had been let go wild by the old couple who lives behind the tenant who ended up feeding them.  The brothers are extremely close with Lenny, also cross eyed, the black one, being dominant and relied upon heavily by his more cross eyed brother Squiggy.  Squiggy was trapped first and I didn't know what to do with him.  He had turned ultra aggressive in the trap, hissing, growling and lunging at me.  I knew this was partly because he was scared and exhausted besides not seeing well, and partly because he missed his brother.

Well she trapped his brother Lenny and brought him over this morning and you should have seen the reunion.  We put Lenny in the big cage first, since Squiggy had been impossible to get near and sat the trap Squiggy was in next to the nice cage.  Omg, made me cry to see how happy Squiggy became, how relieved he was, to first hear his brother, then see him.   So then we put Squiggy, with no trouble, into the cage with his brother.  Wasn't two minutes before they were curled up together, all happy again.

I'll get a photo of them together later.  They're sleeping now and so need the rest.  It's incredibly difficult on cats like that to go through such changes.  But they'll be safe where they're going, down near Roseburg, and there they can be together and eat all they want.

Squiggy, taken two days ago

Squiggy happy now, crammed into a carrier with his brother, Lenny, who is behind him.

Then there was Bungee, the tame male, skinny but very sweet, I trapped at the county park.   Well, KATA has taken him in.  Thank you KATA!

Bungee.  He's being fixed today at Heartland and will be picked up by KATA.
Bungee has eaten nonstop since his arrival in my garage.

Also from Mountain Shadows are little wild girl Siletz and big sad skinny boy Angelo.  Both are being fixed today in Salem and both will go to my friend Dianna's barn, where they will enjoy quite the life.



Lastly from Mountain Shadows, is a tame torti.  The resident who trapped her only knows she showed up starving a few weeks ago, so hungry she was digging bits of food out of the dirt.  She's sleeping too. I call her Lily.
Lily!  She's very sweet, very tame, very skinny and very tired.  Rest, sweet girl.

And last but not least, of the 8 cats taken off the streets last weekend, six from Mountain Shadows, one from Waterloo park and the last, from another Sweet Home trailer park, where he had been abandoned, is Rocky.  I was dead brained tired this morning so didn't get his photo either.  He's all black and had a bad infection at the base of his tail from a bite wound.  He's also very very tame.   Heartland agreed to take on Rocky so he is there now.

So those are the 8 cats but there is one other being helped, not taken in by me, but off the streets at the hands of a Lebanon woman.  A little long hair girl now named Snickers.  She is up being fixed with Angelo and Siletz in Salem.

Of the 8 cats removed from difficult situations, only Lily has no place set up to go already.   I'm sure that will change quickly.  As for Snickers, she's a lucky girl, to be off the streets and in a caring foster environment with her sister at a Lebanon rescue.  She'll return there this evening.


  1. Wonderful, wonderful news. Particularly for the cross-eyed pair. So nice to weep happy tears.
    Thank you, and everyone else involved.

  2. Can't wait to see more reunion pictures.

  3. Funny how the bad tempered cross eyed cat pulled the most at the heart strings.

  4. Fantastic news! You've made my morning. Can't wait to tell my partner about the reunion.