Wednesday, June 07, 2017


The aftermath of the weekend cat catches is this.

Rocky, the cat with the injured tail, from the other Sweet Home trailer park, had to return.  He was a wee bit agressive, not feral, agressive.  I'd put him in the bathroom, to recover, after Heartland said "No, we can't keep him, or even handle him."

I was stressed to say the least, with all those other cats in the garage and now this big just fixed smelly male in the bathroom, whom I thought Heartland was taking, the only reason I went and fetched him out of that trailer park.

Rocky behaved ok at first.  I'd made a frantic run to Heartland, late yesterday afternoon, after receiving the text that they were not keeping him, to come get him.  I was in Salem picking up the cats fixed there.

  But then began the extreme mood swings.  One minute he wants petted, the next he was screaming at the top of his lungs at me, from right beside my bare leg.  I figured he would love to kill me.  The next moment he might be my best friend.  He couldn't decide.  He had a distant look to his eyes.  Hmmm.

I took him back to the trailer park.  Maybe in a couple months those hormones won't be raging anymore and he'll be good and can get a home.

The long hair torti from Lebanon turned out to be already spayed.  Her foster dad came and picked her up.  Her sister, however, who was extremely pregnant, had four kittens this morning, I'm told.

Poor Siletz, the little black girl from Mountain Shadows, was spayed Monday but the tech told me her insides were not right.  Her uterus and ovaries were all knotted and adherred together.  Took them awhile to get all that out.  She should now feel a whole lot better.

And Angelo, the sad gray tabby boy, neutered Monday, was a crypt orchid. Means one or both testicles are "lost" up somewhere in the belly.  The vet has to open them up and go looking.   Angelo and Siletz are leaving together on Friday to a home outside Corvallis.

As for Lenny and Squiggy, the bonded brothers, well today they went south, perfectly happy together, in one carrier, one VERY heavy carrier, to a new home near Roseburg.  Thanks FCAT!

That leaves Lily, the tame torti, skinny and sweet, whom I hope to get checked for a spay scar, or fixed, tomorrow.  Then I'll be scrounging her a place too.  She's the only one left of all those cats still in need of a new place to call home!

Here's the Happy Cat Club May Activity video...


  1. You did a fine job with the video and hopefully it will help fundraising.

    1. Thanks Andrew! And thank you for helping every month. You and one other person are the only ones who do that monthly. I can't begin to thank you, from Oregon, you in Australia, helping me here, it fills my heart.

  2. Poor Rocky.
    Poor you.
    Some wonderful news in the rest of the post though. Thank you.

  3. Wow! Your work is so valuable. Best wishes to all! By the way, I can't help wondering if a shaved tail would be upsetting. ~grin~ Poor baby. Be well!

    1. Rocky has issues, mainly however from hormones.