Sunday, June 04, 2017

New Day at The Pearl?

The resident of Mountain Shadows was crying when she met me in Lebanon with two more cats from the trailer park.

She has loved the cats.

She was crying over other tenants there too, who don't take care of their own cats.  Like the one with about five dogs and claims nine cats, all fixed now, but by others, myself and KATA.  The woman had called her wanting cat food, claimed she had been feeding the cats each 10 pieces of kibble a day to make it stretch.   When she arrived at the trailer, to get cat food from her, T asked her if she knew about the new rules and that she'd need to keep her cats inside.  She said she hadn't, that she doesn't check her mail and that she'd have to put them all in a cage, she thought.   She doesn't have the capacity to build a cage for nine cats that would not end up a house of horrors.   T said she'd been to the lady's porch and one of her cats is so thin, was so hungry, head hanging, she stood there and cried over that too.  Then she fed the cat.

One of the two cats in traps I'd lent her is Squiggy.  A cross eyed orange tabby she's fed since he was tossed out by the dysfunctional old couple behind her place, when he was little more than a kitten.   His brother, Lynn, who is black and also cross eyed, was loved as a kitten then quickly ignored and shoved out by same couple.  They'd let a pair of females breed litter after litter.  It took a long time for T and KATA to talk them into letting them get their two females fixed.  I bet there is a pile of long dead kittens under their trailer.  The brothers are now inseperable.  I got both fixed over a year ago.   Squiggy has been crying miserably in the trap.  The brothers need a place together.  They'll never be mousers because they are cross eyed.
Squiggy is Cross Eyed and now safe.  I need help finding lots of homes.

The other cat the resident had trapped and handed over is a big brown tabby so thin you can see his backbone.   When I saw that, I became angry at the people over there, who get cats and throw them out like so much trash.
This guy is so skinny its just pathetic.  People, take care of your cats.  Get them fixed.  Keep them home.  It's just disgusting the way a lot of people treat animals.   I named him Angelo.

I began to seeth and think they need shook up over there, my gawd.  If it takes a big rich Portland business to turn that hellhole trailer park into The Pearl of Sweet Home, like the fancy rich Pearl district of Portland, then I'm for it.  If forced change can make residents even care about themselves, let alone where they live, do it!   If that big business can inspire change in Sweet Home, Oregon, I'm for it.

I'm a dreamer after all. Why do you think I work so hard to make things better, by fixing cats?   It's like those folks over there just let things happen and make things worse with their own actions or inactions.  If that Portland business can jump start their hearts and self respect and dreams, well good!

It's a pain in the butt for me to try to help the cats way out in Sweet Home. But I'm up for challenges.  I like tough challenges.   If I were rich, wouldn't be as hard, but I don't have much of anything but heart, a stubborn heart.  My big heart and nature and belief it can be done, make me loath to give up on the cats of Mountain Shadows.

 I meant to say--- the cats of The New Pearl.

That's what they should rename Mountain Shadows.

The Pearl.


  1. I really have nothing to say beyond Elephant's Child's remark except wow. And hugs to you.

  2. I stubborn, big heart. I think that describes you to a T. :)