Saturday, May 20, 2017


Despite all the drama of life, one must move onward or just stagnant and rot.

Caught two more at the Albany colony.   Will I ever finish there?  Hmmmm.

They get fixed Monday.

The little long hair, hiding behind the short hair, is very petite and small and probably Ruby's sister.  Ruby is the kitty who had kittens in the garage, a day after I trapped her for spay.

The woman who fed Choco, the chocolate point Siamese, who turned out to be a girl, also feeds three cats elsewhere who have to go somewhere else, since she can't feed them anymore.   One of the three is already fixed.  I caught the two who aren't fixed.  All three will move to live on a property with a friend of hers, once fixed.   I didn't expect to catch them so quickly or I would have waited until tonight.  Oh well.  Its done now and the fixed boy will have to wait, as I have no room to hold him until some of these others are fixed and go home or move on.

Bruiser, a big gray tabby, and I mean BIG!

Pappy, a loud whiney-side sometimes purring big black boy.
Pappy is quite beat up.   I'd say Bruiser gets the best of him often.

Then a Mountain Shadows trailer park tenant caught one of the fighting wild orange kitties, who won't be going back.  He'll be fixed and go to Feral Cat Awareness Team, where Atticus from same place, went.  Mountain Shadows is the trailer park in Sweet Home, full of run down trailers, drugs and drama, that a rich Portland businessman bought.  The decree is now no outside cats, so one by one, we're trying to save them.
Tenants simply call this guy Balls, which he will lose on Monday. He's actually kind of sweet.

Kata just took out two more from that trailer park.  And besides this orange boy, I have in my bathroom an orange girl from Mountain Shadows.  Mimi is tame and I got her fixed in March, but her owners don't want her now and another tenant took her in, but couldn't keep her, due to the new rules.   So she's on eye meds, and will go be checked out, tested and chipped at Heartland Monday then go into foster with Felines First Rescue's Lebanon volunteer.

Mimi is as sweet as sweet can be.

 I was back trapping at the mobile home place that wants the cats gone or else they die.   I caught one more little brown tabby tux, who will be fixed tomorrow and immediately go join her four colony relatives where they await a barn home.
I've trapped 7 cats there now and there is only one left to go.  I'll be happy when he finally goes in the trap if he ever does.

This kitty isn't very old.

I've got some free loaders in my yard.  Three of them.  They showed up at the same time and sometimes come together.  Sometimes they stay all day.   I don't know if they are owned or not.  They go after the birds I feed and even wander into my garage when I'm not in it, rumage around, as only cats can, and otherwise make themselves at home.   In other words, they've decided to live here, at least as a second home, although I'm not sure if they have homes of their own or not.


  1. Your freeloaders look very comfortable there.
    And thank you, again, for all the work you do at making lives better.

    1. Thanks EC. Yes they do look extremely sure of themselves that they have found a great place to hang.

  2. Are the freeloaders fixed? The white and ginger one looks very nice.

    1. I don't know Andrew, they won't go into a trap, not with any bait I try. I just want to be sure they are fixed. They all 3 beautiful cats. They may just be bored at home, or may have been abandoned. Here in this town, you never know.

  3. Wow! You are awesome.

  4. You brought a point at the beginning of the post that I've wondered about before, "Do you ever get done with a neighborhood?" It seems to me that there would always be new cats from somewhere.