Friday, May 19, 2017

Mother Board Failure Imminent, So I'm Told

My computer has been acting up.   One day, no usb ports would work at all.  I could not even log into Windows.   Then suddenly one only would work.  I bought a new usb hub, thinking that was the problem, but nope.  Sometimes just suddenly they fail. Then one or two will work again.

I consulted two different computer techs.  the first said, with a smug sadness, "Your mother board is failing.  You can't fix that."   He knew I'd never be able to afford another computer, hence the sadness added in to the smug knowledge of its fate.

The second I consulted because I did not want to believe the first, said the same thing, unfortunately and added, "It probably will fail completely within two weeks."   Shit!  Do you know how much a computer costs these days?  Out of my league.  Way out.

I have a laptop someone gave me but I find it hard to use.  I can't manage that close to a screen.  It drives my brain and my eyes nuts.  I don't know why.  Can't type on that keyboard very well either.  Guess I'll have to learn.

Right now I'm off to get an external hard drive, to back everything up.  I have most of my crucial stuff on thumb drives now.  But those things break too.

I'm totally bummed.  When this computer dies, I'll lose Picassa, my beloved photo storage and manipulation site, that is now deceased, thanks to google, who dumped it for their disgusting google photos, that is just limp and lame by comparison.  AWFUL!  Then you have to pay for storage.

Those with Picassa now can keep using it, although its not updated, but you can no longer download it.  I don't think you can anyhow.

Oh brother, if its not one thing breaking its another.

Anyhow, if its true, if my mother board really is failing, there may be a vacancy in my online presence for a short time.  Which would be good for me.

UPDATE:   Whining too soon.  I can use my monitor and my old keyboard with the laptop and am getting an external hard drive and it will hold everything, like my photos and video storage.  So, I'm actually set.  I whined too soon.

But here's something to whine about then, my cooling went out, just like last year.  Probably needs recharged again.  Last year, they said there was probably a slow leak.  Well, needs recharged again, I guess, and maybe the leak needs found.  I got a pack of gum.  Will that do it?


  1. Replies
    1. It's not that bad, been using the laptop more, will transfer my antivirus to it. I will get used to the keyboard. I'm slow on it is all.

    2. Been using it to watch movies and store some files. It works well for watching movies at night. But for typung, I am kind of rigid and don't like change.

  2. Google Drive gives you somewhere around 20GB storage but it also includes gmail in the storage. I don't have the expertise but there must be some way to keep the Picassa programme. I have donated two old computers to a place here and they fix them up and then sell or give them to people who can't afford a new computer. There must be something like that for you. We had a usb port fail on an old computer leaving just one working. We bought a cheap usb hub and plugged that into the working port and that did the job. Your fingers do adapt to a smaller laptop keyboard in time, but I know, they are not a substitute for a desk top. Fingers crossed for you.

    1. I use the laptop a lot for watching videos and storage and cruising, in bed no less. I'll adapt, and in the meantime, I don't have to, because I can plus in my old keyboard to it. And nothing will change and my monitor too so I don't have to be so close to it. It's all good. Well the usb ports keep intermittently failing, then they'll start to work suddenly again. The tech, two of them, said that means the mother board is failing. I'm just not convinced. But I am backing up all my files.

  3. I'm so glad you can use your old keyboard. I thought something like that might work. ~hugs~ Hope you get your air conditioning running! I don't think I could physically survive without it any more.

  4. We went through that at the end of 2015. I ended up getting a new one. Not fun. I feel for you. Hugs.