Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Balls Get New Chance

Balls, the orange tabby tux, who seemed ultra feral when handed over, in a live trap, by the Mountain Shadows trailer park resident who trapped him, turned out to be very sweet.

I realized he was just scared.   And VERY VERY hungry.  He ate pretty much everything I put in the trap, and would politely ask for more.  He began to chirp and purr.  Strange behavior for an alleged feral kitty.

He is thin for his age and size.  He won't be for long now.  Now that he's neutered and wormed and has a two week lasting antibiotic injection on board for a couple of infected fight wounds.  Balls future is looking bright!

Today I handed him off to Feral Cat Awareness Team, located down near Roseburg.   He'll be fine with them.    I'm happy for Balls!

The other four cats fixed yesterday went back to their respective homes this morning.   Jade, the black short hair boy, and his relative, Ebony, the long hair girl, went back to the Albany colony.   Pappy and Bruiser returned too, to where I trapped them, and off they sauntered, a lot better off for their adventure in my garage and then at the clinic.  Both these big boys got convenia injections for fight wound infections.   They are fixed, wormed, flea treated and vaccinated too now.  So you see what I mean when I say they are better off for their short stay in my garage.

Ebony, a girl, fixed yesterday from the Albany colony, now back home.

Jade, a young boy, from the Albany colony, also fixed and now back home.
We are all reeling from another loser with a bomb incident, this time killing mainly children and young people, enjoying a concert.   I see these murderous young men as angry, selfish, destructive, lacking impulse control, followers (easily warped by others) and wanting to vent their rage and self hatred, outwardly, as if how we feel isn't our own choice and responsibility, in public murders.  They look for an excuse to justify their impulses and in some cases, that becomes fake religion.  Whatever their excuse, they're just plain losers, like the President said.  He got that right at least.

The cat lady here knows sorrow, loss and horror.  Nothing like Manchester is going through, nothing like that.  To lose young people, children, how does one recover?  How does one go on?  How does one understand why someone would target kids?  One cannot understand it.  Such people just want to kill.  They don't care who.  My heart beats sorrow with the hearts of Manchester.


  1. Any cat who asks politely for more food isn't feral. At all. Yay for the brighter future you give to so many.
    And yes, my heart aches with and for everyone caught up in this latest atrocity.

  2. I can only feel despair about the attack.

  3. If only we could rescue these losers like you rescue the cats, maybe their would be hope.

    1. I couldn't have said it better. Congratulations on more rescues! ~hugs~ (wish it could be for real) Well done.