Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Two More Cats Fixed. Choco in the Bathroom!

I took two more cats in to be fixed on Monday.

Whitey and Blackie!

Yeah, I gave them those names.



So, I guess you can guess who is who.

I'd seen a new arrival at the farm colony.  I watched him sneak into the shed they use for breaks and decided to set a trap in the shed and caught him within 30 minutes.  Blackie is young, loud and had already had some serious male on male fights, with a bite wound on his head, no less.  

I turned him loose at his home yesterday, with the help of one of the workers.

Whitey went home Monday evening.  He had been taken in by a tenant after he was left behind by someone else.  But he had to be fixed.

A long time acquaintance had been feeding a cat on the porch of his former owner's house for years.  Choco was long ago neutered and has the ear tip to prove it.

His owner had died, and the house just went to rot instead of selling.  I don't know why.   The woman took up feeding him after seeing him there, and has had to break him out of the house several times too, when people go in and don't notice he has run inside then leave, with him locked in the empty house.  Now my acquaintance herself has early onset Alzheimers and the cat had to go somewhere, since she can no longer feed him.  She brought him here last night.

Choco is super adorable, big and fat, raspy meow, loves to be held.  And older.  A friend of mine in Lebanon is adopting him.  Worked out so perfectly!  He'll be chipped at Heartland tomorrow, get shots updated, and then go right to his new home.
Choco finally gets a home!


  1. Thrilled for Choco.
    We had a cat who visited us for quite a while before getting brave enough to move in. We said 'the white cat is back' each time we saw him. And when he moved in? He became WhiteCat. And lived a good life for a number of years. Another cat I still miss.

    1. That's funny especially that he finally decided to move in.

  2. Yea, Choco! In fact, I am happy for each one you help. Thank you. Hugs.

    1. Thanks. Turns out Choco is a girl, not a guy.

  3. Well, good for *her*. ~grin~ Great job! As for Blackie and Whitey, I can't help thinking of big guys nicknamed "Tiny". Heh... Be well!

  4. Choco and the others are on their way to a better life. Thanks for making that possible.