Thursday, May 25, 2017

And Three More!!!

I had five reservations today but only three cats, which always makes me disappointed.   the three come from three different locations.

This girl is from Albany now, but was found on Lochner Road, outside town, starving, possibly, probably dumped.   She is looking for a home, but is being fostered by some kind folks until that happens.

Chilkat, from Albany, being spayed today.
A tenant up at Mountain Shadows caught the bobtail boy.  I first saw him back in May of 2016, impregnating like crazy.   It's been a year and he's still out there fighting and impregnating.  But no more!  And he can't go back to the trailer park since the new rules say no outside cats.   The tenant who caught him had been feeding him and told me "find him a place".   I said "ok!"  Management is giving us time to slowly get the free roamers out one by one and its nice to have a tenant willing to trap sometimes.

Bobs has been mistaken in the park for a real bobcat.  He's really awesome and will be leaving straight from the surgery clinic to my Portland feral placement friend.
I took this photo of him in the park a couple months ago.  He's beautiful but hasn't been popular with his fighting behavior.  You can see how some folk might mistake him for a real bobcat.

Bobs awaiting neuter and a new life.
Lastly, I was after what I thought to be the only remaining cat at the mobile homes sales place, that big Lynx Point Siamese.  Instead, I caught a replica of the cat I caught last Saturday there.  This one, Mowgli, is being fixed today and will leave directly from the clinic to go to the same person who took in five others from same place.

That's it today, except HCC is paying for an Albany stray male's entropian surgery at Heartland.   This condition means the cats eyelashes brush the eye constantly, because they're turned in or their eyes have recessed, causing chronic irritation.  The surgery pulls the eyelashes out and off the eye.

A friend of a friend of mine was feeding him as an outside cat but was worried about his chronically inflamed eyes.  She got him neutered, but a vet diagnosed him with entropian.  Heartland is helping him out today.  Hopefully he can move on to a home after recovery.

But that's really it.


  1. Bobs is a beautiful, beautiful boy. And will be a healthier and happier boy thanks to you.
    That eye condition sounds dreadful. So glad it can be resolved.
    As always, thank you.

  2. Yep, I could see how you could mistake Bob for a real bobcat. Nice work you're doing.

  3. Oh, that's all? ~grin~ Awesome job!