Wednesday, November 09, 2016

Smolder, Gidget get Vet Care

Yesterday I took Smolder and Gidget to the affordable clinic.

I've been running a fundraiser to help get more cats in for dental care.  It has not been a very successful fundraiser thus far.  It's on the sidebar to the right.

I knew Smolder had bad teeth.  He had begun the jaw jitter that generally indicates bad tartar.

I was so tired already, from holding cats from Waterloo and a Tangent barn, caring for them in cages, then finally taking them to be fixed yesterday. Have not slept normally since the flippers descended either.

So it was a rather difficult trip.  But once I arrived, and delivered the cats to the clinic, I headed off to a beach parking lot, rolled out the defective sleeping bag, in the back (doesn't zip up anymore), covered with a blanket and fell asleep for several hours.  I had many dreams.  Some woke me up but what did wake me for good was wind shaking the car.

By that time, I had only a couple hours until the earliest time I might be able to get the cats.

It was very windy and the ocean rough, as the tides changed.

I was bored and tried to call people but no one answered.   I was going to read, but had somehow forgotten to bring my reading glasses.  My knee is not solid enough to do much walking.

I got something to eat at a grocery store, before going back to the clinic to get Smolder and Gidget.  Smolder had to have many teeth pulled and they said he had severe tartar.  Gidget's teeth were quite good actually, they told me.

I don't know how old Gidget is.  She came from the same complex were Molly and Slinko came from.   I stayed nights there, in the winter,  trapping for weeks, as tenants, who stay up all night, made trapping the cats, who were doomed by both management and the tenants, extremely difficult.  I still avoid that complex like the plague for all the misery they caused the cats and me.

Gidget and Molly are both quite happy cats.   Slinko is a doglike cat who would like to be the only cat here, and devote his life to pleasing me.  This is unsettling unbecoming behavior from a cat.  He's often not nice to some of the other kitties either.   He's my bad boy and completely insecure, as bad boys often are.

But Gidget's teeth were surprisingly in good shape, thank goodness.  We were all three happy to be home.  The trip affected Gidget's good nature very little but Smolder was worried over what was to become of him.   Poor baby.

I arrived home to find the yard debris and trash containers I'd left at the edge of my driveway, for trash day, moved into the middle of the sidewalk beyond the driveway in chaotic positions.  The Flipping flippers had done that, I knew.

The only reason they'd move them out of the driveway is if they used my driveway while I was gone, I figured.  This realization sent a chill of worry down me.  And anger.  I immediately began checking for property damage, to see if anything was missing and to see if my cats were ok.

I was upset.

Sorry world, on the election outcome.  I did not vote for the person who won, let me assure you.  The person who won and I have absolutely nothing, including basic values, in common.  I was not part of it.  

Here's the thing though.  The middle class has vanished.  There is extreme income disparity.  There are the rich and the super rich and there are the poor and the really poor.  There are the overlords, the rich, they own everything, all the land (except public lands, thank goodness), the industries, and many pay their workers wages that workers cannot live on, without government assistance.  Many of these overlords would like to pay workers even less.

Many people cannot afford the rising costs of health insurance while insurance companies themselves pay their overlord CEO's in bonuses worth millions each year.  I am skeptical electing a billionaire who has always been wealthy will help America solve any of the above mentioned problems however.  My guess is the little people will be screwed even more.   And the little cat rescuers, who are below even the bottom of the pile, we're screwed already.

So, my philosophy comes from rock n roll.  "Meet the new boss.  Same as the old boss..."



  1. That was indeed windy. And beautiful.
    I hope the winds of change which were unleashed yesterday are not too damaging.
    Poor Slinko. Being insecure DOES make for some unattractive behaviour. In us, and in all animals.

  2. They are beautiful. Gidget reminds me of a cat we had for almost 20 years. We rescued Sam as a tiny kitten. She was on death row. You are amazing.Please take care of yourself, too.
    The ocean shots remind me of The Gales of November, here in The Great Lakes. Tomorrow is the 41st anniversary of the Edmund Fitzgerald. I remember.

  3. Ah, the Edmund Fitzgerald. Gordon Lightfood sings a moving song about the event, which affected folks near my hometown.

    That sadness aside, my heart goes out to you. I wish better things would befall your generous soul.

  4. Those are beautiful shots of the sea.... the very same seas that is only a few block from our house only it's so different down here.

    1. I know. If I touch the sea here, I wonder if those same droplets of ocean at some time end up there. We're connected sort of in that way.