Saturday, November 12, 2016

15 More Linn County Cats Fixed

Long long day yesterday.  Still worn out.   15 more Linn County cats went up to Portland to be fixed at the FCCO.   14 of those were from Waterloo.  Waterloo should start feeling a difference soon, I should think.  It is a tiny place.  Now up to over 100 fixed there in the last couple of months.

The 15th was a Lebanon wild girl named Daisy.


There were two from one Waterloo residence that is just a block from Waterloo residential colony.  A tiny manx female, and one of her kittens, a little boy.  The other kitten has terrible health issues.  He is a rumpy manx, with absolutely no tail, and has no control of bladder or bowels which is often the case with rumpy's since the tail is a continuation of the spinal cord.  The nerves that control his bowel and bladder didn't form or are incomplete or the spinal cord may be an open tube at its end in a rumpy.  His rectum is terribly inflamed from constant contact with pee and poo.   He needs to see a vet but she does not have the money.   I don't know what his prognosis would be even if the inflammation was resolved, having manx syndrome.   She loves him.

The manx mom, barely a year old herself.  Now fixed.
This is her healthy boy kitten who was also fixed yesterday.
I trapped six outside wild things there, five in the morning Thursday, then caught the torti in the evening.  She was the only girl of the six and the mother of four teen boys.

Black tux male wild teen

Orange tux male wild teen.
Medium hair fluffy wild brown tabby male
This beautiful but sulking Siamese boy is tame.
This brown tabby female is quite cross eyed and was fixed yesterday.

This black tux male was a feral they tamed and now lives mostly inside
Very sweet brown tabby female fixed yesterday

One of two brown tabby tux wild teen males fixed yesterday

The other little guy

Another tame brown tabby female fixed yesterday

And yet another tame brown tabby female fixed yesterday

In all, of these twelve from this residence, there were four brown tabby tamish females fixed, plus the big Siamese tame boy and the black tux boy, a former feral, plus the six outside wild things, the torti, the big long hair brown tabby wild boy, two brown tabby tux wild teen males, an orange tabby tux teen wild male and a black tux wild teen male.  I'd already taken six kittens out of there up to Animal Rescue and Care Fund.  They chose to keep one kitten, a girl, who was too little to be fixed yet.

Anyhow, I'm about ready to return these twelve.   They are anxious to get out of the traps and home.  The Manx girl and her little boy were picked up by their owners last night.  She had wandered in as a stray.  The Lebanon girl Daisy also went home last night.  She is wild and has kittens her caretaker is taming for adoption.

One last look at the big wild boy fixed yesterday.  He's waiting on me to get dressed and take him home.  Ok buddy.


  1. Wow! You amaze me. Well done.

  2. I hadn't realised that the rumpies could have problems like that. It makes sense though. That poor cat, and the poor woman who loves him.
    Thank you as always for all that you do.

    1. It breaks her heart I know, and mine too, for her and that little kitten.

  3. I keep wondering if you ever get a place in these colonies that you're at least maintaining status quo or getting ahead because of the many cats that you have fixed from them. It sounds like maybe you are. That must be a good feeling after all of the hard work you've been doing to make it happen.

    1. I finish one only to find another a block from that one. As for the county park, there is always influx there because homeless campers stay there, often with their pets, and often leave them behind, unfixed. Unless I have a reliable witness, a watcher to report newcomers, they breed. I don't have a reliable watcher there. Not yet. Hope to find one.