Monday, November 07, 2016

Flippers to the Left, Flippers to the Right.....

I got flippers going at it day and night beside and behind me.  They've torn the guts from those two houses.  Amazing what one can do without, apparently, any permits.  Also something I didn't know.  I thought the opposite.

 The ones beside me are sometimes so loud their equipment drowns the TV.   I have taken to recluse living and sleeping during the day.  Although it doesn't help much, because they have people working at night too, at both places, although the ones behind me, who blare lights, are a different bunch, from Utah.   I want to run away.

My birds have mostly vanished.   I saw a mouse yesterday, on the run, from Jack's yard.

All flippers do is raise rents and property taxes.  I'm bitter over the disruption of my private life and someone told me that, so I'm repeating it.  Ha.

Both are high enough here where I live and still climbing.

On another note, finally the Waterloo teens were fixed today at WHS.  All four are boys!  I had to name them for the records.  So I did.



Little T

The four from the Tangent barn were two girls and two boys.  The black (Sheldon) and the orange (Diego) being the boys which I already knew.  Shaggy and Hoppy were both torbi's and they're always girls.

I picked up six kittens from yet another Waterloo situation Sunday and drove them to Wilsonville where Animal Rescue and Care met me to take them in.   They were so covered in fleas, it was scary.  Parasites!   I'd flea treated them and given them round wormer but other than that, nothing else.

They never left my car in fact, due to the extreme flea population occupying their little bodies.

This is the bigger pair from a different mom

ARCF went to work on them, flea combing them, once they were with them.  Brave souls!

I think there are about 11 adults there too, that I am scheduled to pick up/trap later in the week, to be fixed at the FCCO.

Supposed to also pick up another Waterloo stray and her kittens to be fixed too.  Then if I can trap the last two in Waterloo park, which I'm always saying, then more appear, I can say goodbye to Waterloo.  That should be a song.   Goodbye to Waterloo.

Election Day tomorrow here in the US.  Yikes, is all I can say.


  1. Sigh on the flippers.
    And the fleas. Which I hope haven't set up camp in your car.
    And yikes on the election. Definitely.

    1. I hope the flippers are almost done. Things got very ugly yesterday when they were power washing some of my fence because they had dirtied it. I stopped them since I'd sealed it not long before their arrival and didn't want that money wasted. they got mad, began bad mouthing me around the yard, loudly. Then I see their pressure washing threw debris including concrete bits onto the back of my car. They also just hosed the stuff on his sidewalks under the fence onto my property, for me to clean up after them. It's getting really really old.

  2. How do the cats handle all of the noise?

    1. they hide, and they're upset also about the birds vanishing.

  3. I could not agree more with Elephant's Child on all points. My heart goes out to you in hopes the noise dies down soon. That would drive me insane. And I hope perhaps you get good neighbors down the road as a payoff. ~fingers crossed~ Be well!

    1. Yeah, came home tonight, after all day at the affordable clinic, to find my yard debris, trash containers had been moved off my driveway, where I'd lined them up for garbage pickup today. That would be the flippers and the only reason they would move them is that they figured out I was gone and decided to use my property. Asswipes!

  4. I wonder what would happen if you asked questions about permitting on those flips at the appropriate office?

    1. Tried that, city didn't do a thing. I can't really believe gutting that house, doing all the work that has been going on in there for three weeks, none of it requires a permit.

  5. Why not report them for not having permits, so that, just maybe, what they leave behind won't be cheap crap?

    I got your book off yesterday, and was told it should be there in three days, so maybe it'll make it on Saturday.