Sunday, November 06, 2016

8 Teens in the Garage

I was gifted some reservations tomorrow that someone else isn't using.  I was relieved, to say the least, to have somewhere to get the four Waterloo County park teens fixed.  They are wild things!  It's not that easy to find spay neuter around here.  Otherwise, I would have needed to wait another week and drive them to Portland to be fixed.

I can get up to 9 fixed tomorrow in Salem.   The Tangent woman thought it might be good to trap some more at her former residence, to get it done.  So she set traps and caught two teens in the same trap.  The pair in the photo below--a long hair torbi, and an orange tux.

I went and checked traps after that and found this little one in one of her traps, then I set two more, and caught a short hair black.

All four caught so far are teens.  We already caught seven there one time, whom I dropped off with Meow Village after they were fixed up at the FCCO.  Then five more, whom I took to the FCCO, but that D is holding at her new home in Brownsville.  Meow Village is full to the brim in cats and could not take more of hers at the time.   Now, so far, we've caught four more.  16 caught in all there, but there are a few more.  We don't know how many more.

She no longer lives there, and the buildings on the property at some point will be demolished.  That's why the cats have to go, and the sooner the better.  They are fixed, as they are trapped, then she tries to find them places.  But now she is building a cattery out of her garage for them.

The above four teens plus the four Waterloo park teens will be fixed tomorrow, after which the Tangent teens are moving to Brownsville and the park teens will go home, finally.

Those Waterloo kids have been eating up a storm while here.

At least they'll go back well fed!

Also picking up six kittens, at least I'm supposed to, from the latest newest Waterloo colony I'm working, to take to Animal Rescue and Care Fund today.  They're all delightfully tame, I'm told and look so in the photos sent.

I love avocados.   However, the price lately for even one avocado is sky high.  But...would this sign make you want to buy one at the Grocery Outlet?   It cracked me up and no, I didn't buy one there.


  1. That's one of the funniest signs I've seen in a while.

  2. Truth in advertising. A rarity.
    And it would have cracked me up too.

  3. Gorgeous kitties, all. Well done! Avocados are tasty, and good for us too. What a shame the price is so high. I've been trying to eat more apples and the small "lunchbox sized" ones are 3 for 99 cents. I hope something healthy goes on sale soon. Thank you for sharing the amusing sign.

  4. Avocados were, maybe still are expensive here, due to some market game playing with the consumer left with a short supply. Smashed avocado is very topical here, with a political figure saying that if young people want to get into the housing market, they should save more instead of going out and eating smashed avocado in cafes. A former treasurer said a couple of years ago, if people want to get into the housing market, they need to go out and get a high paying job. Easy!