Friday, November 04, 2016

The Count in Waterloo Thus Far

Totals in Waterloo so far (I think):
Waterloo county park: 46 helped in the county park in all.
20 removed. 26 fixed, returned (some to homeless campers) 
Waterloo residential: 43 helped.
17 taken out, 26 fixed and returned.  
I keep forgetting some....but I think I have it correct now.

Here's a summary of county park cats and kittens helped:
Julie was first called about kittens at the county park and trapped four kittens she didn't return.  She then turned it over to me for the most part.  I then trapped Loo and River in the marathon 12 hours waiting. Next I took out Hoot and Holler. Then Indy's six and Bootsy's six. That's 20 kittens out of Waterloo county park alone. So far.  

Of the 16 kittens I helped, Loo and River are with a local foster person.  Hoot and Holler went to Animal Rescue and Care Fund along with four of Indy's six kittens.  The other pair of Indy's kittens went to my friend Kristy, who fostered them through ringworm, got them fixed, and I believe has homes for both of them now.  Bootsy's six kittens went to Heartland Humane.

As for cats fixed in Waterloo park and returned, some to homeless campers there, Julie fixed, returned 2 adults.  One was a black male they call Tokyo, and the other was a female fed by another camp host (brown tabby) who was one of Bootsy's kittens from an older litter. 

When I took it over, I trapped Tomtom (gray tabby male), Little Tyke (gray female), took Simon to be fixed (black tux male), and Misty (black and white female), also Emmie (calico), then Gracie (brown tabby tux female), Stewart (gray tabby tux kitten), a male from the other camp host (brown tabby, also one of Bootsy's from a different litter), two teens taken in by yet another camp host (Bootsy's and both brown tabbies, one girl, one boy), Bootsy herself (black tux), Indy (gray tabby tux female), Bubbles (gray tame female), Mister (orange male), Polly (calico), Buffer (buff male kitten), Little Simon (black tux kitten), Susie QQ (torti kitten), Maggie and Savannah (both calicos). Total: 22. And also about to be fixed, four more wild teens, who will be returned. With these last four, who will be fixed Monday, the total fixed and returned comes out to 26 but many of those are now claimed by various camp hosts and homeless campers.

Two more (that I know of) need trapped. 

The vast majority of Waterloo residential kittens who made it out of there, 17 in all, were taken in by Animal Rescue and Care Fund, a great rescue up in Portland.   Of the rest, Julie took in two, Felines First Rescue took in two and found them homes, and I have Breity here still.  She is still getting over that nasty cold.

I hope they are all fixed there now. 

89 cats thus far helped in Waterloo 37 of whom did not return.

Dats a lot of cats.


  1. Fingers crossed that they ARE all fixed.
    Thank you - and all the other workers.

    1. Well, there are two left to trap in the park. I'm not keen on going up there again since the camp host gave me flack for half hour last night over the kittens being chipped, which I thought was a great thing. It isn't easy up there and I dread going up every time. Also now have two other places in same tiny town asking for help. One has 11 plus kittens, not sure how many in all, but the other has just one female and two kittens, who showed up as strays and are just a block from the now fixed residential colony.

  2. Yep, dats a lot of cats! You have remarkable perseverance.