Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Camas the Starving Calico and Four Other Cats

I was scheduled to take some cats to be fixed yesterday at whs in Salem.

Unfortunately, now the trailer park where the woman feeds four is under a new owner who has declared no feeding of outside cats.  Which is horrible.  Many of those cats have been fed for years, and now what, are they supposed to starve to death?  It's unbelievably cruel.

I did catch four to be fixed and returned for a tenant who has vowed to fight this cruel rule.  If they are all fixed, what's the big deal to let them live the rest of their lives there.  As long as they are fixed.  Instead of making them starve to death in front of the people who have loved them.

I was about to leave when I saw a man with two dogs being followed by a little calico. She was crying her head off and rubbing up against the dogs.  "She loves you," I said to the man.   He just nodded.  Then he said he can't feed her anymore.  I wanted to cry.  I set up the drop trap and she ran right under it to the food.  The man put his foot atop the drop trap as another woman ran to cover it.  I thought he'd ask what would become of her, but after I got her transferred from the drop trap and turned around, he had vanished with his dogs.

I couldn't see that and not do something to help her.

All five cats were fixed yesterday.  I returned the other four and I hope they'll somehow be ok.  They were two girls and two boys.

Sunset, a little girl, now fixed.
Sweetie, also a little girl, also now fixed.
Shadow, a boy, now fixed

Striker, a boy, also fixed now
And this is Camas, the little starving girl....a calico, almost all white....

She was post partum, the clinic said, but not lactating.  I later found out there are kittens down at the other end, probably hers. They must be older or she's just not had enough food to nurse them.  I am trying to find help for the cats there.  It's hard to face these horrors alone.

Camas is tame, but so run down, so skinny, hardly bigger than my two hands, yet an adult.   She's slept all day today after eating three cans of food.

I saw this tonight when recycling....

May the moon shine upon you Camas, and bless you.  She is not going back.


  1. Maybe he was upset about the calico, concerned for her future. Good moon photos.

  2. I'm so glad you took the calico to be fixed, along with the others. I still don't know how you do what you do. Hugs!

  3. No words... just a big thank you and some sobs....

  4. That is cruel to stop feeding feral or tame cats after they got used to the handouts. Better to never start. :( Thank you so much for your incredible efforts.