Friday, September 23, 2016

The County Park Cats

What a week!

On Monday, Julie and I dropped off/picked up/got fixed 7 cats, 3 from Albany, four from the county park.

On Tuesday, I took 14 other Linn County cats up to be fixed at the FCCO, dropping seven of them off on the way back with Meow Village.

On Wednesday, I returned the 7 now fixed cats I still had and then drop trapped six young kittens, seen Monday evening, in the berry vines, with a gray tabby mom, at the county park.   I also caught their mother.

I then caught Bootsy, fed by another camp host, and  high producer of kittens there.  We'd already got two teens from her last litter fixed.  Now it was finally Bootsy's turn.  She'd had kittens out in the woods, but the camp host said she'd been back under his trailer a week now, so he figured she'd lost them, to illness or an animal.
Bootsy, finally fixed now!

Bootsy, India, the six wild kittens' mom, plus two more permanent camper cats, were fixed yesterday at Heartland.   Cost to HCC:  $160, for the four fixes, plus all the back and forth gas, bait.
Mister, a campers' cat, fixed yesterday

Bubbles, the other campers' cat, a girl, fixed yesterday

India, mom of the six kittens I drop trapped at the edge of the berry vines.   India was doing her best but she is skinny and the kittens are skinny and full of worms.  I love killing parasites, so they're dead now.
India's six kittens include 3 Siamese!
I returned the two campers cats to the park last night.  No sooner had I gotten home, but the phone rings, and its the camp host who feeds Bootsy.  Two four week old tabby kittens had come screaming out from under his trailer woodpile late.  I went and picked them up.  Here's how they looked on the drive home:

They cried the entire drive back.  I had taken KMR with me, to feed them, but somehow forgot a feeding syringe.  They ate like crazy once home.  Then, I put them into a cage with their recovering mom.  She needs to know they're ok, if nothing else.  Not sure she's letting them nurse, but that's ok, I can feed them.  They love cuddling her.
Bootsy, settled into a cage in the garage with her two delightful kittens.  She wouldn't eat before or after surgery.  But once she saw her kittens, she began eating up a storm.
As far as we know, there is only one park female left to be fixed, who is mostly inside another camp hosts' trailer, taking care of six kittens.  However, the camp host lets her out to roam, and she'll get pregnant again.  And those kittens likely will be handed out unfixed and unvaccinated.  She told me she found great homes for the last two she had in her trailer, that were scheduled to be fixed.  Even told me they'd gone to the vet with their new owners to be fixed.  And yet last night, a tent camper took me to the tent of another permanent camper with an unfixed cat.  It was one the camp host gave them, a teen gray tabby.  She gave the kittens to homeless campers.  I'm going to get him fixed, vaccinated for them.

KATA will take Bootsy's pair of kittens and I'm fishing for help with India's six right now, and homes for Loo and River.

The beat goes on......


  1. Well done. And my sentimental eyes leaked a bit at Bootsy not eating till her kittens were with her again. All three of them looks so happy together.

    1. Except now there are six of them. Four more found today.

    2. And she won't be having any more. Which is an excellent thing.

  2. The Bootsy story is very touching. Everything you do amazes me, but one of them is how many cats you catch. If one of mine doesn't want to be caught, like when they know they're going to the vet, it is close to impossible to get them.

    1. I have my sneaky ways!!! I am a cat catching sneak, specializing in all kinds of cat trickery and no good.

  3. You sure make a difference! Thought of you this week when our granddaughter brought home a tiny black kitten she found along some road. Looks like Freddie has found a new home... going to the vet this coming week.. needs checked for worms and other feline problems.