Thursday, June 05, 2014

Rage Against the Machine

Time to replace the mop head.  Simple, eh?  Especially since I bought several replacement sponges when I bought the mop itself.

It's a Quikie brand mop.

  Like the replacement sponges.  It has a place for a little red scrubber sponge, which is included in the refill sponge package.

I have two of these.

Uh oh.  Doesn't look good for a fit.

 No Way!


These greedy companies, who operative with dishonesty and deception to maximize profits on crappy product.

You stole from me, Quickie and your execs should be in jail.

Hey Quickie mop maker people, I hope your beds are invaded with bugs.  I hope mice chew up your breakfast cereal and poop in it.   I hope the cops pull you over for speeding and you have warrants out for unpaid tickets and there are nasties in the holding cell.

Hey Quickie mop maker people, I found a Libman head and made it fit so I am mopping away anyhow and I'm going to get Libman heads now for your damn cheap plastic Quickie mop.



  1. Hiss and spit. We had a similar problem hear. And I cut the lugs off so the mop head would sit level, and used tape to hold it to the head. And never, ever bought that brand again.

  2. Thanks for the "heads" up on the mop heads- grrr greedy corperate basTURDs!

  3. Yeah, this post will show them, right? Ha.

  4. Maybe you could show your photos to the department head of quickie products and ... Yeah right. Ha!