Monday, June 02, 2014

Miss Daisy's Joy, Etc.

I think about getting old. I don't want to be one of those grouchy unyielding seniors who are decidedly not fun and set in their ways. Miss Daisy here is envied by the young cats who cannot fathom her ignorance of life's unfairness and tragedy. I can tell them she is not ignorant of life's pain. She still has nightmares where she tries to run in her sleep while crying. She must still remember some horrid person throwing her from a car, then, probably shooting at her from close range. But such memories do not stop her from enjoying life. I try to be like her. I've been in the doldrums from PTSD, remembering horrors of my past, and involvement in terrible animal cruelty, as witness, trying to stop it. When I'm having these difficulties even driving by some addresses brings on the flashbacks and nightmares and guilt of what I should have done or not done. All I can do is wait it out and distract myself. Like Miss Daisy!
Marbles for Toes!
I bought some marbles at the dollar store so I can do toe exercise, to help my feet. I transfer them each night ten times with each foot's toes, tray to tray. The cats stare in disbelief and envy.
Vino is such a happy kitty!
Meesa in her window.
Tilly is Rogue's lookalike sis!
Lick your lips, Slurpy!
Raindrop, Rogue in a carrier, and Stilleto eating--carrier shelf cats!
Raindrop up closer


  1. Big, big smiles. I love that Miss Daisy has claimed the wheel.
    Those marbles would be everywhere here. I don't think either cat could (or would) resist them.

  2. She OWNS that wheel. The others watch, not as daring as she, especially now that she has taken to sleeping in it. I pick up the marbles after I'm done or they would indeed be all over and I'd be slipping on them.