Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Abandoned Properties. Dead Neighbors House Vanishing in the Weeds

The neighbor has been dead now for 10 months.  He's long gone, but his house?  Now that's another matter.

The dead neighbor had no will except made out to his wife, also long dead, dead over 12 years.  He had no heirs save a daughter whom he never visited, from a long former encounter.

The house had a reverse mortgage on it.  When the neighbor died, the house reverts to mortgage holder.

By law in Oregon, banks have to take care of their acquired real estate and not just let them rot to hell.  Fines can be levied against banks who don't take care of their properties.  Well the bank who owns the dead neighbors' place needs fined to high heaven.  They are not maintaining it.

There's a sign posted out inside dead Jack's front window, proclaiming the property is being managed by National Field Service.  They are a big huge national property management company and hire local contractors to do the work.  A couple has come by twice since January to mow, but before late spring, when grass really grows.   We have not seen them come in weeks.

Yesterday, however, some woman in brownish gold car lacking hubcats pulled into his driveway.  She started taking photos with an ipad.  I mosied on up not recognizing her.  She claimed they manage the property.  I said "Who are you?"  She said Five Brothers and we'll install a lock box all that.  I said "Lockbox is already installed and check out the sign on the window.  This place is managed by National Field Service, not Five Brothers."

She didn't really have an answer, claimed National Field Service is an affiliate of Five Brothers, which it isn't, I don't think.  I think they are competitors.   She posted no new sign inside, but did ask how much property was left inside, which I immediately felt was a creepy thing to ask.  Was she casing this house for burglary?  I asked her for a card.  She said she didn't have any.  She claimed she was only paid $4 to come take photos of the  house, clear from Salem. 

I said if you are with Five Brothers, when are you going to mow this place.  She said she doesn't mow, but that she'd be back in maybe a month.  "For what?" I ask.  "Why would you come back, if you don't mow?"

"Well, to check on it," was all she said.

I'm getting mad.  These property management companies are hired by banks to maintain property then they don't do it and they collect the money anyhow, leaving neighbors of abandoned properties to wring their hands and curse and think really bad thoughts about banks and property companies.

I won't mow it.   The bank is responsible for hiring an honest property management company.  It would be pathetic to "volunteer" for a rich bank.   In the meantime, the wild roses out back are awesome and the barely owned cats from the house a street over have a play ground.

And now my dearies, as the news on TV provides endless coverage of the latest school shooting, this one up in Troutdale, some peaceful photos of kitties......
OK, if you are yelling "those aren't cats" you are right.  They're cherries, on my tree, but too high up for me to get at, even with my tallest ladder.
Buffy in her basket.

Toothless Cougie with Gracie

Quirky sister Fantasia

Toothless Gretal in the cat run


Vino the male model

Perfect Panda
Rogue finds that one cat bed is just not enough.
Sam heads for the cat yard.


  1. Love the cats. Hiss and spit on the maintenance front.
    What would happen if you rang the number listed on the sign for emergencies and asked when/whether they were planning any maintenance?

  2. I've e-mailed them repeatedly. With photos. I think I will call them.

  3. The woman who answered, immediately transferred the call, when I said why I was calling. the call then went to some answering machine, not a real person. this is a ploy, I realize, to vacate on complaints.

  4. I called again. This time, I asked for a human and got some guy, who says they have not been the property managers at the dead neighbors place for a month. Must be Five Brothers now and if they have been managing it for a month and done nada, that's not a great sign of things to come.