Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Toothless Cougie

Cougie is home and now completely toothless.  Had to be, with her allergic inflammatory reaction to her own teeth.

Makes me wonder what causes this affliction as it has become more and more common to find in cats, at younger and younger ages.  Untreated, meaning by that, all teeth and tooth roots pulled, it can lead to early death from kidney failure, among other things.

Cougie is in sick bay, looking ragged and rough.  I gave her pain meds tonight and she will be on those awhile, along with antibiotic pills for two weeks.  Long time in the bathroom, but I'll let her friends in to keep her company.

She will like that.

And the benefit, once the antibiotic course is done with, and she's healed, well she's going to feel just peachy keen!

I'm still doing the fundraiser, have raised about two thirds of the cost for the dental.  The cost came in at $628.  So far raised:  $435.

Click here to go to Cougie's fundraiser page.  Share it far and wide!  Just under a couple hundred dollars left to raise and it will be entirely paid for.  Thank you so much to all those who have donated thus far.  I so appreciate it and so does Cougie.

The cat wheel stand is almost done.   Did what I did on it yesterday, nothing today, lazy I am.

Here's the stand.

Cat Wheel stand, made of part of an old 4x4, very used, and part of the dead neighbors' patio table.

Some supports for the stand post, partly painted, made of old 2x4 pieces and parts of the plywood board I cut the cat wheel from.
Just had a thought.  I'll use the part of the dead neighbors patio table I cut off, as the back stand post support.  Will look good!  And be easy!  I like easy.

It'll get finished one of these days.  These things usually do get done.

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