Monday, April 07, 2014

Cougie Needs Another Dental

Cougie is once again drooling pus, and not that long after her last two dentals either.

She had her first February 10 up in Sherwood, paid for, thankfully, by Odd Cat Out.  At the time, she was diagnosed with stomatitis, and an allergy to the lining of her own teeth.  This usually means all teeth need pulled, because otherwise, its just drawn out.  Also, I have seen that cats with this affliction whose teeth are not all pulled quickly develop kidney failure at a young age.

Cougie was to have been tested at that first vet visit also, but I was never able to find out for sure if she was or wasn't.  The records went to Odd Cat Out.  Only one tooth was pulled that first trip.

She was in trouble again by the 27th of February and went up the 28th.  I thought all her teeth were then going to be pulled, but at least nine were left in her mouth, maybe more.  And now, all over again, only this time, she's going to my trusted vet in Corvallis.

She had a cancellation so this is getting done once and for all tomorrow.

I started a fundraiser.  I am now affiliated with Odd Cat Out, although I merely use their money, like I did with Poppa Inc., but to do so, I have access to a Poppa Inc. Odd Cat Out dedicated bank account and can raise money to put into it, if I am able to do that, and then use it, which is easier for me to get things done down here then, instead of going up to their vet clinic.

Click here to go to Cougie's fundraiser page.

I set the goal amount on her fundraiser page lower than the cost will be, as was recommended by the site.  I'm new to this.  Learning.  Feeling my way.  Actually, I feel like a bull in a china shop trying to navigate the social media world to fund raise.

I will raise the goal amount on the page tomorrow, when I know the true cost.  Please share the fundraiser page far and wide, twill help, no doubt and getting the word out is the main issue, when raising funds.  If the true cost ends up $600, for instance, all it takes is just 600 people donating one dollar.  That's not so bad, to think of it that way.

Poor Cougie.  Let's hope this will be the final tooth pulling venture she will ever need.  This is a great vet she's going to see and she stands a very good chance at full permanent recovery.

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