Thursday, April 10, 2014

I Hate to Brag, But....There is a Cat Wheel in My Living Room!

I almost finished the cat wheel.  I drug it inside, with much effort.  I should have used the cart.  It barely fit through the door sideways.

But once inside I realized the bracket would sag when it spun, so I had to remove the wheel from the stand and create a stand fix, to extend a piece for the bracket out a few inches from the stand post.  By the time that was done, and it wasn't easy, and my fix is ugly, the wheel had fallen over on me twice, as I tried to hold it or prop it on something to attach the bracket to the new post mount.

I'm bruised and sore and I have a cat wheel in my living room.  Do you?  See?

Bet you want one.

It's not done.  I had nothing to line it with.  Worn out, bleeding from a couple spots with the cats upset and fighting, I thought, "I'll use shelf liner."  But I just had two feet of it, so there it hangs and lining it so they can actually use it now must wait until tomorrow.

I think I'd like to add a one cat sleep shelf in the middle.  It would attach via one bracket to a bolt and free swing on that bolt to be always level as the wheel spun around it.  That would be so funny.

Time for bed at last.  Should sleep well.  Cats are all mad that I gave the wheel my devotion this evening and not them.   Ingrates!

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