Thursday, January 31, 2013

The Cat Penis Photo

My claim to fame isn't helping a zillion billion cats get fixed, on almost no income.  It isn't going to extremes to rescue horrible abused or neglected cats or cats that are going to be killed if I leave them.  It isn't the sacrifices I endure daily, to help cats and other people out.  It isn't the hard life I had before finally finding salvation, handed me by cats I lived with along the river.


My claim to fame is one photo.  Of a cat penis.  A very large cat penis.  Oh, I've done it now. I used that term.  On this blog.  Now I have messed you kids up on your searches for that damn photo.

Which made me think.  Why not play with that?  Why not hide that photo out and make the giggling kids searching for it do some work for it.  Like indoctrinate them into becoming spay neuterists, like me.  Fanatics.  Diehards.  We need more of me!

And fewer giggling preteens sharing a cat penis photo.  Ok, it's a great photo.

Kids, you can't see it until you've taken five cats to be spayed and neutered.

Show me the vet clinic receipts and I'll send you the photo.  No.  Wait.  I bet it's somehow illegal to do that.

I wonder how many iphones have that photo in their memory.  OMG, how many?

That got me checking search terms in the blogger stats for the day again.  I'm obsessed with checking search terms now.  Devastated the only people who seem to be finding my blog are closet pervs peeping at a cat penis.  Eeeeew.

Today's search terms that brought people to this blog are listed below. Been there.  I have searched with google and a couple of words and ended up on another planet!  But there it is, down there at number 8 listed, again today, like everyday:  "cat penis".

cat wheel
fat presidents in a tux
spay scar
abandoned boats for sale
brown spots on osb subfloor
cat conjunctivitis
cat has tail cut off
cat penis
common feline eye problems
diy window shelf for cats

I will write a short story daily now, and include all the search terms used that end people up on my little cat penis photo blog.  Here is today's:  

Out on the diy window shelf for cats, stood Bobby, the newly minted manx, a cat who has a tail cut off, you see, but by a vet after it was run over.  It had been broken badly when Bobby was being chased by a fat president in a tux, driving insanely the same road along which Bobby had just been dumped, by a nasty alcoholic.  Abandoned! Boats for sale along the opposite side of the road offered some protection from the heavy traffic.  Bobby, frightened and in despair, had darted across the road to seek shelter beneath those boats when he was hit.
  The man who hit him, arrogant and puffy, president of a local hoity toit guild of some design or another, was driving away from an ugly scene.  The house, where he had been giving a speech, (and drinking heavily) had suffered a noxious party accident, when members of the presidents party began vomiting violently when the presidents wife, drunk on moonshine, suddenly hoisted up her shirt to show off her spay scar, proclaiming her inability to spawn children of the devil himself, as she put it, ever so loudly.  The fat woman's scarred bulbous belly was so disgusting it prompted the vomit reaction by first one, then another and another member of the presidents fan club and staff, and reached through the carpet of the party mansion and was said to have left brown spots on the osb subfloor.

I found Bobby under the boats, taking shelter there myself.  He was suffering also from common feline eye problems.  Cat conjunctivitis is easily treated and sometimes seems caused just be being sad too long.  So I built Bobby a window shelf and cat wheel to play on.  Bobby is happy now.  So am I.

So that is today's search term story, all included, for your searching delight. Except for the search term: Cat Penis!  Ha!  I hope I pleased EVERYONE on earth, except the CAT PENIS PHOTO searchers.  Go giggle yourself silly!  But first fix some cats.  Thank you and good night.

Ok, so maybe that is the only legacy I leave this earth.  I've come to terms.  I'm good with it.  

 It IS the best cat penis photo ever taken!   

It is glorious.  And I took it!  I am responsible.  

I was a cat woman.  I rescued thousands upon thousands of cats despite living on almost nothing.  I got thousands more fixed.

But my claim to fame is a photo.  Of a cat penis.  A very very large cat penis.

I'm good with it.

And then, there's this......

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Without the Use of Feet

How do you go about your daily routine without being able to walk?

I am trying to figure that out right now.

Three weeks ago, on a mission to lose the 30 lbs my doctor says I need to lose, I went on an hour long hike, while in Portland, with cats being fixed at the FCCO clinic.  I was wearing bad shoes.  On the sole, on the outside edge, they had a ridge, that kept turning my foot to the inside.  It felt awkward and irritating while hiking.  I knew I should have tossed those shoes.  But I don't have many other shoe options.  I have some sandals and I have some flip flops and I have some hiking boots.  And those shoes, that I wore that day, that after that day, that very night, I tossed into the trash in disgust.

By the end of the hike, I was hobbling in terrible pain.  I couldn't touch my heel, at the back, it was so painful.  I could not walk without pain at the bottom edge of my heel and the outside edge of my foot.

I still can't.

I saw the doctor.   She said it was some inflammation of something, a ligament or tendon or bursa.  She said those take forever to heal and to contact her if it was not better in two months time.

It's getting worse.  The pain at times makes me want to scream.

Sometimes the end of my heel and outside edge swells into a bubble.

I got some shoe inserts that only made it worse.  I abandoned them quickly.

I've been on foot injury sites trying to figure out what I did to my poor foot that day.  Might be a heel bruise which results in a displaced heel fat tissue pad and leaves you walking on bone basically.  Might be inflammation of the bursa where the achilles tendon attaches. A lot of my pain is right there, at the very back of my heel. I just don't know.

I could have stress fractured my heel bone for all I know.

The advice online is universal--RICE---rest, ice, comopression, elevation.

But how do you stay off a foot when you live alone and there's constant work to do?  You can't do much when using crutches.  My brother ruptured his achilles tendon.  Prior to that, he had inflamed it, by constantly wearing work boots.  He got a cortisone injection, but this probably weakened the tendon, although it provided temporary relief of the pain.  So not that long later, his tendon suddenly ruptured.  He said he didn't know why, but when it happened, the pain was so sudden and intense, he walked upstairs and sat down.

He had surgery.  Afterwards, he found life with crutches unbearable.  They were useless in letting him do anything, but move from point A to point B.   He had a business to run, that required use of his hands.  He searched the web and found this. It's called the IWalk-Free.

You know what might even be cooler, in this design?  At the bottom, if the foot section included a section above it with heavy duty springs or hydraulic pistons, encased of course, that would give you some give and some spring! Or a hydraulic piston attached down the back (where your achilles tendon runs), attaching to the back of the fake foot part, with another piston at the front, attached to the top mid section of the hinged fake foot, to work in opposition.  If the fake foot was attached to the main "leg" via a ball joint, and so were the piston heads, you might even achieve controlled swivel in your fake foot!

He was going to send it to me, since he is years healed now.  But he couldn't find it.  Later, he said he'd found it and will send it.  It hasn't arrived yet but I hope it gets here soon.  It's a peg leg and most doctors don't know the option exists.  He's loaned it out multiple times since his own injury healed, he says.

It lets you do what you need to do, despite an injury.

I've not known what to do.  If I should be pushing through the pain and that the exercise will help it or just what.  But online, the concensus is to stay off it.  You don't walk on a hurting foot or you hurt it more.

I'm paying for years of sinful behavior.  Walking, up on my feet, sometimes 16 or 18 hours a day, wearing very bad shoes.   I have long narrow feet with high arches.  Try finding shoes that fit abnormally long harrow high arch feet on a very tight budget.  I want to learn to make my own shoes, so I don't have to worry about finding some on the cheap somewhere, often used, possibly harboring various fungi in them.  I don't like buying used shoes for that reason, what might be in there, like foot fungus.  I spray them with fungicides for a week before first wearing used shoes.  Used shoes are usually broken down in the sole already, no good for support.

So, I have to learn to make my own shoes.  Just a fact of life.  I hope to learn to make really good support shoes.  When all else fails, do it yourself, I figure.  This youtube channel provides excellent tutorials on shoe making, a lost art, and references for further advancement of knowledge.  Check it out!

In the meantime, like it or not, I have to stay off my bad foot.  Another fact of life    Or I could rupture something that then would require surgery and months off my foot.  Bad!  Those litterboxes don't clean themselves!

And as a footnote (ha, get it?), three more of the 8 cats abandoned in Albany have moved on.  These three went to a Portland area rescue.  The first three went to a Salem rescue.  The three adult females left for Portland today. Goodbye Whisper, Secrets and Carly.  That leaves only two more to place.  That ain't bad!

Monday, January 28, 2013

Pigs of Sweet Home

The people whose 14 cats I got fixed finally returned three carriers and towels they borrowed from me.

They returned them filthy, not washed out.  The towels they had borrowed were stuffed into one carrier, filthy, wet and moldy too.  I'd even given them cat food, besides transporting their 14 cats to be fixed.

When I pointed this out and said I expected them to return my belongings clean, they said "Well that's what washing machines are for.  Just wash them, that should take out the shit and mold."

This was my reward.  

What kind of people behave this way?

I told them that was like spitting on me.  The younger woman replied, "Cleaning them wasn't our job."

I said "Common courtesy.  Someone helps you out, you don't return their property filthy.  It's common courtesy.  You ever heard of that?"

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Drug User's Legacy: A Trashed Rental and 8 Cats Left Like Trash

So the woman has a drug problem.  That's not my problem.  Or wasn't my problem.  Now her problem has become my problem.  It's become her former landlords' problem because she trashed her rental.  And it became a huge tragedy for the cats she left amongst the debris and trash of the rental she had occupied with them.

I tried to not get sucked in, again.  I was just going to get the cats fixed.  Finding them homes was going to be the drug woman's landlords problem.

I have the curse of empathy with animals.  People too but more so with animals.  With people and their problems, you just can't solve people's troubles because they're mostly self created and they have to change themselves.  So I don't try to change people.  But I look into a cats eyes and they tell me things.  You can say that's crazy.  I don't care.  I talk to cats.

These cats were starved and scared.  They were so starved they were food possessive and spitting at each other over food.  So after I took six of them up to the FCCO to be fixed last Thursday, they all stayed here. The two who didn't go up to the clinic with me, are supposed to be already fixed. Safe with me to watch over them, pet them, coo to them, hold them, hug them, and so they could share their fear with me.  So I could unload them of some of the horrors of their pasts.

But they would have to move on, to other groups more capable of finding them homes.  They would need real homes.  Each of them.  I can't find them what they need here.

A Salem cat group took two of the four girl kittens and the young adult male.  I was happy.  They love animals!  They will do their best for them I know.

Now, Whisper, the fire torti, one of the three adult females, who wants nothing more than to curl up in someones arms, plus the other two adult females, Secrets, the black beauty queen, and Carly, the calico, are headed up to a Portland area rescue.  I am happy to the point of tears for them.

That leaves only two more calico kittens to find a place for, and I bet another group will take them, fairly soon.  Am hoping.

I hope that drug lady gets help for her drug problem.  She's affecting lots of others with her issue.   She has no idea the trail of tears and trash she leaves in her wake.  Or maybe she does.

Drug lady, your cats are safe.  Take care of yourself.  Get off those damn drugs.  Get clean.  But don't get another cat until you are.
Carly the calico will be taken in by a Portland rescue group.

So will the very sweet natured Whisper.

And also Secrets, a black adult female left behind.

Three of the eight abandoned cats were already taken in by Salem Friends of Felines.  The remaining two, both teenage calicos, will likely be taken in by another group before this coming week is out.  I hope!

Can you imagine, with seven of the eight cats being females, how bad this could have become, very quickly?

Life is tough in Oregon.  People turn to drugs and booze to deaden the pain of hard lives and no real love.  I know the urge to get something to love, to hang on to.   But when you got problems, you can't allow your problems to affect other lives, not the lives of kids or animals.  The kids affected by drug and alcohol addicted parents grow up suffering and often end up with severe problems too.  The animals just suffer like the kids and end up left behind.  It's one thing to do drugs.  It's another thing altogether to do drugs if you have kids or animals.  That's not cool at all.

Friday, January 25, 2013

21 Local Cats Fixed Yesterday. 6 More Being Fixed Today. 8 Albany Abandonees Need a Home!

In another exhaustive round up, I took up 21 local cats to be fixed yesterday at the FCCO.  Another six, four from Albany and the last two from a Lebanon house, where ten cats needed fixed, are over at Heartland getting fixed today.

Yesterday's group included 14 from Sweet Home, from one location on Old Holly road.  The owners did not particpate in getting them fixed.  That was left to a friend of theirs, concerned because the owners are about to move and none of the cats were fixed.  She is trying to find the cats homes.  Some people don't get it.  Glad the friend did.

Here are photos of the 14, although with a few exceptions, I never bothered to find out who was a boy and who a girl or how many of each.

I don't know who was a boy or girl, except this one of the 14, I was told by the FCCO, is a lactating female.  I told the friend of the owners, because there may be kittens somewhere.

Add caption

They arrived here Wednesday in an assortment of carriers and cages, including two small animal cages, with three cats each inside.  I had to seperate all of them out and put them into my own carriers, which makes my cats mad.  They use those carriers as beds.  The people who picked them up had to borrow three of my carriers to take them back.  I hope they get those back quickly or my cats will go on strike.
Three grays arrived Wednesday night in one cage, while two brown tabbies plus a gray and white arrived in another wire cage.  They have to be in individual carriers or traps for surgery, which meant a tiring transfer to my own carriers in my garage.

Two adults arrived together on one very large carrier, too big for my car, which meant the use of two more of my own carriers and the transfer.  Might not sound like much but I was already exhausted when the cats arrived.  To then have to transfer into my carriers was hard, but the hardest?  Trying to deal with it last night, get them back into cages, when they were hissy spitty at one another, to go home.  The caretakers brought no extra anythings.  That's why they ended up with three of my carriers.  I said "to hell with it" and loaned them three for transport back.

The Monmouth woman, despite rescent surgery on both wrists, was able to contain yet another stray male, the third so far, desperate to stop the neighborhood fighting.  So he got fixed.   She's awesome.
Monmouth black male fixed yesterday.

Six more came from an Albany street.  I'd contacted a man off his craigslist post about the cats offering to get them fixed.  He stated in the ad, his mother left them behind.  I was also contacted by a nursery about cats left behind by a tenant who also trashed the caretaker house they had rented to her.  Turns out, they were the same cats.

This cat is allegedly one of two already fixed amongst the Albany abandoned cats.

This sweet torti tux also I was told is already fixed.  Is she?  I don't know.  So tired.

This sweet calico kitten was not fixed and is so skinny for her age.  Full or worms.  She is fixed now.

Sweet black tux male fixed yesterday.  Even the kittens swat at him.  Unfixed males have no friends.

This sweet long hair calico kitten was also fixed yesterday,

And so was this one, her sister.
Adult tame calico, who was fixed yesterday.

Sweet black tux long hair girl, fixed yesterday and one of the three Salem Friends of Felines took in.

I couldn't get the son, who posted them on craigslist, to respond at first.  Still not knowing they were the same cats, I went over to get the nursery abandonees fixed.  They were not sure how many were left.  I trapped until I caught no more.  I caught 8 cats and finally the son of the woman who left them contacted me, telling me which were fixed.  Only two are allegedly already fixed.

He had been contacted by a woman saying she'd take them all, which always seems a little too good to be true.  I talked to her in an exhaustion haze, but I'm not so sure about her.  She says she owns her own home in Salem yet the only records I can find on her are for Lebanon.  I sent her an adoption application, stating its nothing personal but I don't know her from adam.  And I don't. She did not want to fill it out so I gave up on it.  Salem Friends of Felines has taken three now and maybe can take others.  In the meantime, I'm trying to find rescues and shelters to take the rest.  All eight are tame, although a couple are a little shy from being on their own a couple of weeks.  They are all so starved.

Seven females and one male.  The six not fixed were five females and one male.  I hope the other two really are fixed.

So I need to find them all somewhere to go.  I've e-mailed Safehaven, begged Heartland, even begged a Washington rescue.  I am not below begging for cats.

Tonight, returning cats fixed at Heartland, to Lebanon, I passed Safehaven on highway 34.  Rush hour going home traffic.  And there, right across that busy highway from Safehaven, a few feet beyond the traffic, a brown tabby, looking scared and confused.  That cat will die tonight on the highway I bet.  I bet someone left him when Safehaven couldn't take him or her.  Caused a wave of horror and sadness to flood me.

Glad the nursery abandonees are all fixed now.  Glad the Sweet Home 14 are fixed.  Glad that Monmouth male could be fixed.  Exhaustion dazed glad out!

The six being fixed today at Heartland are a stray Albany male, nursed back to health by a disabled woman who has been feeding him awhile.  When he first showed up she said he was so skinny.  Now he is almost fat.
This is him.  Chattytommy!

Then just over the fence from her, and a few houses away, I picked up the last unfixed female at another house.  I already got her mother fixed.  At that time, as a teenager, Kiki, the young adult daughter, had just had her first litter.  Only one survived.  He is now 8 weeks old and will be fixed in a couple of weeks.  However, when I returned Kiki, I saw another young calico, maybe three or four months and asked who that cat was.  The woman said "We have lots."  Except they hadn't told me about having three more young females.  They could have also been fixed today.
Here's Kiki, fixed today thanks to Poppa Inc.  At least she and her mom are fixed now.

Darn it.

I also took in an Albany female and male from the same house.

Jamal, Albany male fixed today.

Tinkerbell, Albany female fixed today.

The last two unfixed cats from that Lebanon house, both girls, were fixed today.  I took in ten to be fixed in all from that house.  The people are sighing with relief!
The owners thought this cat was a boy and called him Leon.  So Heartland, when they discovered "he" is a "she", switched the name to "Leona!"

Rei , a young calico, from the Lebanon house, was also fixed today.  And with these two, at least one house is now "fixed" and the case closed!

And so it goes.  Another cat round up.  Another two days.  Another 27 cats fixed.

You better not be part of the problem.  Please!!!  

Fix your damn cats.  Exhibit some excellent personal responsibility.  Impress me!!!

It's not hard to impress me.  Got a fixed cat and a kid who likes to read?

I'll be in awe!

Monday, January 21, 2013

And More Cats Fixed!

13 More local cats were fixed Thursday at Heartland.  I only laid eyes on the 8 I delivered.  Owners delivered the other five, that included four teens from Lebanon and an Albany male.  This black girl above, was one I picked up and delivered to be fixed, from the Lebanon house where I'd already taken two to be fixed.  With the six fixed
Thursday from this house and two others the Sunday before, now only two unfixed cats remain there.  Hope to get them in and done somewhere, before....the end of all things, this June, when Poppa closes.

Buff tabby tux male from the Lebanon house, neutered Thursday.

Big white long hair male from the Lebanon house, fixed last Thursday.

Young black tux male fixed Thursday from the Lebnaon house.

Short hair orange tabby fixed Thursday from the Lebanon house.

Patches,a torti, fixed Thursday from the Lebanon house.

Young Lynx Point female fixed Thursday.  She's from the Albany house, where I already took three from, to be fixed.  Everybody is now fixed there.

Heaatherdale trailer park male, fixed last Thursday, at Heartland in Corvallis.

Juno this morning against a backdrop of either heavy January frost or a bit of snow that fell last night.

Miss Daisy loves her Fancy Feast!  I get boxes sent by someone I've never met, who lives in Canada.  The cats love it and it sure makes my life easier.  Thank you Elaine from Canada!

White Wonderland this morning!
I'm told its frozen fog affecting the area, but only some parts of town.

I don't like all the controversy and anger lately over guns in America.  There are lots of threats and hatred and passion being spewed out.  I'm not a gun owner.  I've been committed, I can't own one ever in my life unless I go to court, hire an attorney and get the bogus mental labels off my back.  That will likely never happen.  I can live without guns.

I had a couple of them when I was young.  I had a lever action .22 rifle and then later, a .44 magnum six shooter.  I reloaded cartridges for the .44.  Had to.  They were terribly expensive otherwise.  I got it to take to Alaska.  When my mother saw me off on the plane, with the gun declared legally in my suitcase, I made the mistake of including cartridges I'd reloaded, in a zip lock bag in the suitcase.  You could only take prepackaged factory bullets by air.  So they made me remove those, said they couldn't fly with me. What to do with them though.  I gave them to my mother, went through the security gate to the waiting area for boarding my flight.

My mother wanted to see me off though.  I didn't know til later how she got rid of those cartridges.  Frantic to find somewhere to dump them so she could go through security (which then was just a metal detector), she told me she dumped them in a metal ashtray in the airport.  Can you imagine if she'd done something like that now?

I sold the .44 in Alaska.  It wsa not practical to carry even hiking. I had a terribly frightening bear encounter, with it along, and I could not imagine angering that bear further by shooting at it, hands shaking as they were in sheer terror, with what seemed like a peeshooter.  A .44, the most powerful handgun out there at that time.  A peeshooter feeling to it in the face of a mad Alaskan brown bear at close quarters.  So I sold it.  After that, I wore a bear bell, sang to myself and kept hyper alert, when hiking, often alone.  Keeping hyper alert to smell, sign and sound wasn't hard to do after a close encounter like I'd had.  In fact, I had nightmares about that encounter for at least five years and could afterwards smell a bear from a half mile away with the right wind.

All the righteous wrath now over rights with guns makes me sad.  Why don't people get all stirred up about flesh and blood things, like the kids in this county, many subject to abuse and parental drug and alcohol use.  Meth is so huge here.  HUGE!  No uproar over that.  No passion.

Go cozy up with and sleep with your cold deadly objects.  I don't care how many guns people have.  I don't want them pointed my direction accidentally or purposely.  I think it's strange to collect lifeless deadly objects.  I think it is strange to worship them and paranoid to believe you have to have stockpiles of them in your house.  But that's my opinion.  As long as these crazy gun people, and I will call them that because I get called a crazy cat lady for loving cats and living with cats, don't shoot at me or near me, fine.

We worshp violence in our country.  Violence is our god of gods.  We bow down before it.

Our holy guns.  Sacred religious objects.

Kind of scary, aren't we?