Sunday, January 27, 2013

Drug User's Legacy: A Trashed Rental and 8 Cats Left Like Trash

So the woman has a drug problem.  That's not my problem.  Or wasn't my problem.  Now her problem has become my problem.  It's become her former landlords' problem because she trashed her rental.  And it became a huge tragedy for the cats she left amongst the debris and trash of the rental she had occupied with them.

I tried to not get sucked in, again.  I was just going to get the cats fixed.  Finding them homes was going to be the drug woman's landlords problem.

I have the curse of empathy with animals.  People too but more so with animals.  With people and their problems, you just can't solve people's troubles because they're mostly self created and they have to change themselves.  So I don't try to change people.  But I look into a cats eyes and they tell me things.  You can say that's crazy.  I don't care.  I talk to cats.

These cats were starved and scared.  They were so starved they were food possessive and spitting at each other over food.  So after I took six of them up to the FCCO to be fixed last Thursday, they all stayed here. The two who didn't go up to the clinic with me, are supposed to be already fixed. Safe with me to watch over them, pet them, coo to them, hold them, hug them, and so they could share their fear with me.  So I could unload them of some of the horrors of their pasts.

But they would have to move on, to other groups more capable of finding them homes.  They would need real homes.  Each of them.  I can't find them what they need here.

A Salem cat group took two of the four girl kittens and the young adult male.  I was happy.  They love animals!  They will do their best for them I know.

Now, Whisper, the fire torti, one of the three adult females, who wants nothing more than to curl up in someones arms, plus the other two adult females, Secrets, the black beauty queen, and Carly, the calico, are headed up to a Portland area rescue.  I am happy to the point of tears for them.

That leaves only two more calico kittens to find a place for, and I bet another group will take them, fairly soon.  Am hoping.

I hope that drug lady gets help for her drug problem.  She's affecting lots of others with her issue.   She has no idea the trail of tears and trash she leaves in her wake.  Or maybe she does.

Drug lady, your cats are safe.  Take care of yourself.  Get off those damn drugs.  Get clean.  But don't get another cat until you are.
Carly the calico will be taken in by a Portland rescue group.

So will the very sweet natured Whisper.

And also Secrets, a black adult female left behind.

Three of the eight abandoned cats were already taken in by Salem Friends of Felines.  The remaining two, both teenage calicos, will likely be taken in by another group before this coming week is out.  I hope!

Can you imagine, with seven of the eight cats being females, how bad this could have become, very quickly?

Life is tough in Oregon.  People turn to drugs and booze to deaden the pain of hard lives and no real love.  I know the urge to get something to love, to hang on to.   But when you got problems, you can't allow your problems to affect other lives, not the lives of kids or animals.  The kids affected by drug and alcohol addicted parents grow up suffering and often end up with severe problems too.  The animals just suffer like the kids and end up left behind.  It's one thing to do drugs.  It's another thing altogether to do drugs if you have kids or animals.  That's not cool at all.

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