Monday, January 28, 2013

Pigs of Sweet Home

The people whose 14 cats I got fixed finally returned three carriers and towels they borrowed from me.

They returned them filthy, not washed out.  The towels they had borrowed were stuffed into one carrier, filthy, wet and moldy too.  I'd even given them cat food, besides transporting their 14 cats to be fixed.

When I pointed this out and said I expected them to return my belongings clean, they said "Well that's what washing machines are for.  Just wash them, that should take out the shit and mold."

This was my reward.  

What kind of people behave this way?

I told them that was like spitting on me.  The younger woman replied, "Cleaning them wasn't our job."

I said "Common courtesy.  Someone helps you out, you don't return their property filthy.  It's common courtesy.  You ever heard of that?"

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