Friday, January 25, 2013

21 Local Cats Fixed Yesterday. 6 More Being Fixed Today. 8 Albany Abandonees Need a Home!

In another exhaustive round up, I took up 21 local cats to be fixed yesterday at the FCCO.  Another six, four from Albany and the last two from a Lebanon house, where ten cats needed fixed, are over at Heartland getting fixed today.

Yesterday's group included 14 from Sweet Home, from one location on Old Holly road.  The owners did not particpate in getting them fixed.  That was left to a friend of theirs, concerned because the owners are about to move and none of the cats were fixed.  She is trying to find the cats homes.  Some people don't get it.  Glad the friend did.

Here are photos of the 14, although with a few exceptions, I never bothered to find out who was a boy and who a girl or how many of each.

I don't know who was a boy or girl, except this one of the 14, I was told by the FCCO, is a lactating female.  I told the friend of the owners, because there may be kittens somewhere.

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They arrived here Wednesday in an assortment of carriers and cages, including two small animal cages, with three cats each inside.  I had to seperate all of them out and put them into my own carriers, which makes my cats mad.  They use those carriers as beds.  The people who picked them up had to borrow three of my carriers to take them back.  I hope they get those back quickly or my cats will go on strike.
Three grays arrived Wednesday night in one cage, while two brown tabbies plus a gray and white arrived in another wire cage.  They have to be in individual carriers or traps for surgery, which meant a tiring transfer to my own carriers in my garage.

Two adults arrived together on one very large carrier, too big for my car, which meant the use of two more of my own carriers and the transfer.  Might not sound like much but I was already exhausted when the cats arrived.  To then have to transfer into my carriers was hard, but the hardest?  Trying to deal with it last night, get them back into cages, when they were hissy spitty at one another, to go home.  The caretakers brought no extra anythings.  That's why they ended up with three of my carriers.  I said "to hell with it" and loaned them three for transport back.

The Monmouth woman, despite rescent surgery on both wrists, was able to contain yet another stray male, the third so far, desperate to stop the neighborhood fighting.  So he got fixed.   She's awesome.
Monmouth black male fixed yesterday.

Six more came from an Albany street.  I'd contacted a man off his craigslist post about the cats offering to get them fixed.  He stated in the ad, his mother left them behind.  I was also contacted by a nursery about cats left behind by a tenant who also trashed the caretaker house they had rented to her.  Turns out, they were the same cats.

This cat is allegedly one of two already fixed amongst the Albany abandoned cats.

This sweet torti tux also I was told is already fixed.  Is she?  I don't know.  So tired.

This sweet calico kitten was not fixed and is so skinny for her age.  Full or worms.  She is fixed now.

Sweet black tux male fixed yesterday.  Even the kittens swat at him.  Unfixed males have no friends.

This sweet long hair calico kitten was also fixed yesterday,

And so was this one, her sister.
Adult tame calico, who was fixed yesterday.

Sweet black tux long hair girl, fixed yesterday and one of the three Salem Friends of Felines took in.

I couldn't get the son, who posted them on craigslist, to respond at first.  Still not knowing they were the same cats, I went over to get the nursery abandonees fixed.  They were not sure how many were left.  I trapped until I caught no more.  I caught 8 cats and finally the son of the woman who left them contacted me, telling me which were fixed.  Only two are allegedly already fixed.

He had been contacted by a woman saying she'd take them all, which always seems a little too good to be true.  I talked to her in an exhaustion haze, but I'm not so sure about her.  She says she owns her own home in Salem yet the only records I can find on her are for Lebanon.  I sent her an adoption application, stating its nothing personal but I don't know her from adam.  And I don't. She did not want to fill it out so I gave up on it.  Salem Friends of Felines has taken three now and maybe can take others.  In the meantime, I'm trying to find rescues and shelters to take the rest.  All eight are tame, although a couple are a little shy from being on their own a couple of weeks.  They are all so starved.

Seven females and one male.  The six not fixed were five females and one male.  I hope the other two really are fixed.

So I need to find them all somewhere to go.  I've e-mailed Safehaven, begged Heartland, even begged a Washington rescue.  I am not below begging for cats.

Tonight, returning cats fixed at Heartland, to Lebanon, I passed Safehaven on highway 34.  Rush hour going home traffic.  And there, right across that busy highway from Safehaven, a few feet beyond the traffic, a brown tabby, looking scared and confused.  That cat will die tonight on the highway I bet.  I bet someone left him when Safehaven couldn't take him or her.  Caused a wave of horror and sadness to flood me.

Glad the nursery abandonees are all fixed now.  Glad the Sweet Home 14 are fixed.  Glad that Monmouth male could be fixed.  Exhaustion dazed glad out!

The six being fixed today at Heartland are a stray Albany male, nursed back to health by a disabled woman who has been feeding him awhile.  When he first showed up she said he was so skinny.  Now he is almost fat.
This is him.  Chattytommy!

Then just over the fence from her, and a few houses away, I picked up the last unfixed female at another house.  I already got her mother fixed.  At that time, as a teenager, Kiki, the young adult daughter, had just had her first litter.  Only one survived.  He is now 8 weeks old and will be fixed in a couple of weeks.  However, when I returned Kiki, I saw another young calico, maybe three or four months and asked who that cat was.  The woman said "We have lots."  Except they hadn't told me about having three more young females.  They could have also been fixed today.
Here's Kiki, fixed today thanks to Poppa Inc.  At least she and her mom are fixed now.

Darn it.

I also took in an Albany female and male from the same house.

Jamal, Albany male fixed today.

Tinkerbell, Albany female fixed today.

The last two unfixed cats from that Lebanon house, both girls, were fixed today.  I took in ten to be fixed in all from that house.  The people are sighing with relief!
The owners thought this cat was a boy and called him Leon.  So Heartland, when they discovered "he" is a "she", switched the name to "Leona!"

Rei , a young calico, from the Lebanon house, was also fixed today.  And with these two, at least one house is now "fixed" and the case closed!

And so it goes.  Another cat round up.  Another two days.  Another 27 cats fixed.

You better not be part of the problem.  Please!!!  

Fix your damn cats.  Exhibit some excellent personal responsibility.  Impress me!!!

It's not hard to impress me.  Got a fixed cat and a kid who likes to read?

I'll be in awe!

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