Friday, October 25, 2013

Ten Lebanon Let's Just Watch Them Multiply Colony Cats Fixed Yesterday

Ten of the adult and teenage cats from the Let's Just Watch Them Multiply colony were fixed yesterday through Kitty Angel Team Adoption at Heartland Humane.

I took five of those up to the woman trying to help the colony, to her Lacomb home, last night.  It's such a lovely place along the river.  So peaceful with the sounds of the river running.

She had a great room in her garage set up for them.  It's a small room, but very adequate.  She had hidey holes, pillows, beds, heating pads, oh my.  Ace and Crush, the two big males, could not be together, so her husband had built a cool window ledge shelf cage for one of the big boys.  Ace, the massive gray and white male, got the private room.

You would think Ace and Crush, the massive orange tabby male, would be beat up, with ragged ears and fight wounds.  But they're not.  That's because of the way they stand off, yowling, cheek to cheek, sometimes for hours, but never laying out effort in actual fighting.  In fact, the woman holding them has already been petting Ace.  

Big babies!

She is also holding two young black cats fixed yesterday--Jamaica, a girl, and Thumper, a boy.  Mango, the buff orange tabby tux female, is the fifth cat she is holding.

I have in my bathroom four of the five I have here.  Banksy, a young orange tabby, is out in a cage in my garage.  I lost energy or they'd all be out there.  I just turned the other four loose in my bathroom.  They are two young gray girls, Flopsy and Honey Booboo, a young gray male--Vino, and Camis, the calico teen.

14 more at least out there at the colony.  I just want to get them trapped, out of there and be done with that part of it.  Where to hold them even til they can be fixed.  Where to put them then.

We have three barn homes, but only certain cats can go to certain places and some that are supposed to go to the two side by side barn homes, who are taking maybe a total six I think, have not yet been caught to be fixed.  And no more fixing dates until November 5th either.

If six go to those two barn homes, and the Tangent barn home takes six, that will still leave a dozen cats in need of barn homes.  A Heartland staffer said she'd take some, but she can't take them until December.  Some can be held til then, in the Lacomb barn room, once others move out.  Am waiting to hear how many the staffer would be willing to take on, if we can hold them until December for her.  The woman is absolutely wonderful, so it would be worth the wait.

 In the meantime, the search continues for more barn homes.  We've been super lucky finding three for immediate placement (once the cats are fixed) and one maybe for farther down the road, a month away.

In the meantime, my attitude sours over people who don't fix their pets.  Craigslist is still loaded with free kittens.  In this day and age, with so many programs out there, so many people still behave like uneducated selfish spoiled brats lacking personal responsibility or caring hearts and in possession of lazy and entitled attitudes.

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